Horse Ownership-Logan

A Soft Spot for Stars Horse Ownership-Logan

Me with Logan in a paddock a couple of weeks after we got him.

Logan was my first horse, and quite honestly, he was perfect. He was free, so my parents were thrilled! He was an ex-show horse, so points to the kid that got a retired fancy show horse for their first horse. I got extra points since most of the students at my barn rode saddle seat. Had I been at a hunter or western barn, my new horse’s fame would’ve been less favorable. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a Saddlebred person. I like specific Saddlebreds, but not the breed as a whole really. I loved Logan because he was a saint. Things that would typically rattle even old school horses didn’t phase him, which was excellent, because I was (and still am) a timid rider.

A Soft Spot for Stars Horse Ownership-Logan

Me on Logan in 2002

Logan did have his faults, but none of them were intentional. He had seen many miles by the time I got him, and had arthritis in his hocks that caused him to do wonky things when I’d post. In the little fun shows at the barn I boarded with, my instructor would ask the judge not to count against me for having the wrong diagonals because Logan would knock me off of my right diagonal every single time. Still today I can feel my diagonals easily because of how much I posted on the left one during my years riding him. I still automatically post on the left diagonal when picking up the trot. Logan’s other flaw was that he was an extremely hard keeper. We REALLY fed this horse. Any other horse would be obese off of what he was eating, but he was perpetually ribby. We tried everything, but that was just him.

A Soft Spot for Stars Horse Ownership-Logan

Logan and I at a fun show in…2005? Not completely sure.

Logan’s feed intake was the reason that my parents decided to give him back to his previous owners. He was very expensive to keep up, I was outgrowing him, and Robin was getting to an age where I should be riding her instead. He ended up going to North Carolina to be a beginner lesson horse, which is really what he was suited for.

A Soft Spot for Stars Horse Ownership-Logan

My brother draped over Logan at our barn.

I do think he enjoyed his years with us goofing around and being our jungle gym. There were no big fancy shows or grand expectations. Just being the best backyard horse companion that a preteen/teenage girl could have. I would sneak up to the barn late at night in my pajamas and canter around the field, trusting him to see at ten o’clock at night. My brother and I would ride him double and do silly vaulting tricks on him in the barn to amuse ourselves and he humored us the whole time. He really was the easiest horse to get along with.

A Soft Spot for Stars Horse Ownership-Logan

Hand grazing Logan in the yard in 2003.

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