If I could be frivolous…

As a very money-conscious horse owner, I limit myself on purchases for myself. I don’t buy myself new clothes often or if I do it is work related or because of a special event. If I go to a concert, I’m likely to buy a t-shirt, but that happens so rarely that it hardly counts. I splurge on eating out on a pretty regular basis, but more often than not, any income that doesn’t go straight to bills goes to the horses.

A Soft Spot for Stars-If I could be frivolous

I have five horses (counting the mini donks…) so that means five sets of feet to be trimmed multiple times a year, five sets of vaccinations every spring, four tubes of dewormer every couple of months (Emma and Chloe share one since they’re petite), and between twenty five and thirty round bales for the winter. I could do the math, but frankly, that would be scary. Luckily, I have a boarder, which helps with the horse bills in a big way.

With that being said, it gets a little old to be solicited by so many friends to buy things on Facebook. If I had a dollar for every Jamberry party I was invited to, I might have enough to actually buy the fancy fingernail stickers. I don’t judge anyone for spending their money on those, it just isn’t the proper recipient of my funds at this point in my life.

I’m not a particularly girly-girl. My idea of doing my own hair is to put it in a ponytail. I am so fancy, I know. That reminds me, I do really need a hair cut. I seldom paint my fingernails, but that isn’t because of the disadvantages of nail polish (which are readily available at any Jamberry party I would imagine) as much as it is that it just doesn’t interest me all that much. Having colored fingernails doesn’t rank super high on my list of priorities. You know what does though?

A Soft Spot for Stars-If I could be frivolous

A Soft Spot for Stars-If I could be frivolousA Soft Spot for Stars-If I could be frivolous

These are my kids and my best friends. Sure, they are all expensive, but they have so much love to give and truly keep me sane. I wouldn’t trade them to have all the things.

What would I like to spend my money on after taking care of basic care and food for these babies? I’m glad you asked! I have a list!

A Soft Spot for Stars-If I could be frivolous

1) A nice headstall to show Copper in. I’m in LOVE with this one from Black Horse Leatherworks

2) Fixing up the horse trailer. While it has an interesting vintage feel currently, the inside of it doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

3) Lessons/Training/Clinics. Lessons were beyond helpful for Copper and I last year (place lots of emphasis on that I…).

4) Footing. The hard dirt in the barn isn’t doing it for anyone. I need to research budget friendly footing for the indoor.

5) Run-ins/Hay sheds. Yes, these need to happen.

6) Show clothes. I need chaps and show pants to show regional ApHC western pleasure. I need a shirt, coat, tall boots, helmet, etc. to show hunter at all. I have breeches and hunter type spurs, but that’s about it.

7) Okay, these were on the list until this weekend. My awesome husband bought me Muck boots! I was conquering the mud all weekend at the barn. 🙂

So, dear friends, if I don’t buy your Mary Kay, Thirty One, Jamberry, etc. don’t be offended, I’m merely conserving funds for my expensive hobby. It may not seem logical for me to be so excited to buy lumber for little huts to keep hay dry, but once you pay for the hay a few times, you want to be sure as much of it as possible goes into the bellies of the horses instead of getting wet and being wasted. I will take donations of labor if anyone wants to help build hay shelters/run ins!

3 thoughts on “If I could be frivolous…

    • I understand! You don’t want to ignore them and their requests, but you don’t want to participate and lead them on if you’re not going to be monetarily able or have any desire to purchase their goods! 😦 Such a rock-and-a-hard-place situation.

  1. I don’t get any of the sort of invites you talk about – maybe it’s an age group thing? But I’m totally with you on where my money goes. I agonise over spending €20 on a pair of sandals for myself but I fork out €60 every six weeks without a second thought to have the boys’ feet trimmed.

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