Needles for Everybody!

That was the theme of my Saturday. Yup, vaccination time! I felt so accomplished getting it done during spring this year. Last year no one got vaccinated until fall because of how busy things were this time last year. Yeah, that won’t be happening again if I can help it.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Needles for Everybody

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!

Well, the main reason I went ahead and had vaccinations done last weekend was because apparently someone decided to kick Paige in the head a few weeks back. I didn’t call the vet immediately, as I assumed that a) the swelling would go down on it’s own or b) it would abscess and rupture as I’d seen happen in other such instances. No such luck. So I called the vet and scheduled an appointment for Saturday, which was amazing because it meant that I didn’t have to take a personal day to hold my horses for the vet. I had everyone in the barn when he got there. Paige was in the first stall, the donks in the second, Copper tied, and Robin and Kricket loose in the barn. We vaccinated Robin and Kricket first since they needed the least work and could be tossed back out in the field.

My new strategy with Copper for avoiding his one flaw is drugs. Needles are coming? Here, have a lil of this under your tongue. Yes, you enjoy that nap. This may sound like I’m avoiding training opportunities. Nope. He’s eight years old and still psycho about needles. His mother is, I don’t know, fifteen? Yep, still very afraid of needles. Luckily Copper isn’t as much of a fruitcake as his mother, he just rear-hops across the barn on the end of the lead rope once he realizes what you’re up to. Apparently, though I never witnessed it, his mother was more of the violent type. Dr. H (the vet I used on Saturday and intend to continue using) is the vet at the barn where I bought Copper, so he is all too familiar with Luka’s fears and how she passed them on to her very attractive, yet neurotic spawn. While rear hopping isn’t the worst of things for Copper to decide to do while being vaccinated, it doesn’t really foster a warm and fuzzy relationship with the vet. My last vet, who I used for over ten years before he left private practice, always lamented over how much trouble we would be in should Copper even need stitches or anything more than vaccinations. So since I have a new vet this year, I’m planning to work smart, not hard where getting Copper vaccinated is concerned. Also, I never just flippantly drug my horse, I always use the vet’s specifications while they’re there. Copper has only been sedated three times in his eight years, it isn’t really a common thing for us.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Needles for Everybody

If you think you can get a needle in this, I welcome you to try. hahaha

Anywho, while we were waiting on Copper to go sleepy time, Dr. H checked out Paige. Poor Paige was the queen of vetwork on Saturday. First we vaccinated her and pulled a coggins, then he checked out her forehead. My friends and I have been joking that she’s turning into a unicorn. I’m kind of going back and forth on posting a picture of her lumpy noggin. I feel sorry for her, because I’m sure it hurts, but the hussy needs to quit chasing Kricket into corners. I don’t know that Kricket kicked her, but I don’t really see Paige standing up to Robin. Robin is the queen!

So Dr. H basically said that we’d just have to wait until the swelling goes down. She’s still eating, drinking, and chasing Kricket into situations that may get her kicked again, so aren’t super worried about her at this point, but I’m monitoring her.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Needles for Everybody

“My name is Paige and I shouldn’t chase my friends. “

After he looked at the site of her future unicorn spike, he checked out her reproductive parts to make sure everything was in good working order for her to have a baby next year. He asked me, “is this a good mare, or is she going to kick me?” I replied that she was pretty chill, and he looked at me again, “so, is she going to kick me? I don’t know about chill.” We laughed, and I told him that she’s laid back and that it would surprise me if she kicked him. He seemed to like that answer and proceeded with her ultrasound. He said that she’s where she should be for this time of year. She’s in transition and has 15/20 follicles on one ovary and 10/15 on the other. He took a culture to have tested to make sure nothing else was going to surprise us and told me to watch for her to cycle in late April so we can determine how to proceed with breeding her for an April/May 2016 baby! Of course, Paige was a good girl and stood for her entire exam without issue.

Copper was the last on our list and he was looking pretty sleepy at this point. So sleepy that we decided to leave him where he was. I untied him, just in case he came alive on us when he realized what was up, but he just napped through his vaccinations like a champ. I stayed around the barn for a while after Dr. H left to clean up, and if I made a loud noise, he would raise his head and watch me, then promptly go back to sleepy Copper once he realized it was just me poking around. I generally like to stay at the barn until they come out of the sedative, but my dogs had already been locked up at home longer than I was comfortable with, so I untied him and left him standing in the barn.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Needles for Everybody

Such a sleepy pony.

I did take advantage of the sedative. I took down his tail and conditioned it and rebraided it while he was asleep. I braid a non-moving target much better than one who is wiggling. I should’ve gone ahead and trimmed his bridle path while I was at it, but I may end up roaching him when I do that, and I haven’t decided on that yet…so many decisions. Oh well, he gets to remain hairy. Oh, and he was bright eyed and his normal self when I went to feed at the barn on Sunday morning, though he wasn’t covered in mud, so I think he slept enough during the day that he didn’t bother laying down to go to bed that night. Or maybe the mud has finally dried up? I couldn’t be that lucky…

2 thoughts on “Needles for Everybody!

  1. Needles are a necessary evil, sadly. I did get a kick out of sleepy Copper! Your pictures are always enjoyable. Glad everyone’s UTD on vaccinations and hopefully Ms. Paige’s head will heal up nicely!

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