Hauling Vintage

Last Fall I found myself interested in purchasing a horse trailer. Copper was doing well with training and we performed well at a show (meaning that he didn’t do anything to try to kill anyone), so I decided to start trailer shopping. As usual with me, my taste was much greater than my budget. I knew what I wanted. A two or three horse with living quarters or a tack room, gooseneck, and under 5k. And preferably not steel. Hilarious, right? Well, I ended up with all of those things except that it is steel. And the same age as me.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Those who know me, know that I like a good project. Considering the age of the trailer, the rust is minimal surface rust. While I’d love to get the body repainted, my brother, who used to work in car body work, explained to me that I’d have to pay as much as I paid for the trailer (3k) to have someone repaint it properly. I do love the look of the vintage paint job that is on it, I just wish it was more pristine. The spare tire is pretty dry rotted, so I’m going to have someone look at the rest of the tires to determine how much life (if any) is left on them. We were successful in bringing Copper home from the trainer’s in it this fall, but that was a short trip that didn’t involve the interstate. In the past, Copper has been a twit about loading onto a two horse, so I was expecting a learning curve with getting on this trailer, but he walked on it as if he was aware that it was his new personal ride.

Some history on the trailer: it is a 1989 Adam Two horse with a weekender. It has water hook ups, a sink and hook ups for plugging into an extension cord and 13v battery. It also came with a water heater and a heating/ac unit (that the 90-something year old owner couldn’t remember if it worked or not). He bought it to haul his harness racing horses, thus the buggy rack on top. I’m not sure how tall the trailer is, but it feels massive, and there is plenty of room for Copper, who is easily the tallest of my herd.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Now that is is spring, I do intend to start gutting the inside of the living quarters area. It has 1970’s paneling throughout, so I need to rip all of that out and find whatever leaks have been damaging the paneling. I suspect I’ll get to spend some time sealing the roof this summer.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling VintageA Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling VintageA Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling VintageA Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Welcome to the cabin! Dark wood everywhere. I’m planning on ripping out the water damaged paneling (maybe as soon as this weekend) and (not this weekend) installing white beadboard to brighten it up. I’ve been hoarding inspiration over on Pinterest on my Horse Trailer Remodel board. I want to do something contrast-y with the cabinets instead of doing them in white (plus in my mind, white in the horse trailer is going to have pros and cons…) It is a very small space, 70″ by 70″ not counting where the bed is up in the neck of the trailer. There is some storage in the horse part under the manger.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

The back wall of this actually opens all the way across the trailer when you swing the manger out.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Doors everywhere!

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Insert ponies here

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

Looking through the horse part from the living quarters.

That space in front of the divider is super nice, because you can put a horse in one side, then slide through there without having to press your body between the horse and the divider to escape. There’s a full sized door in the stall on the passenger side of the trailer to allow you to tie your horse and escape from that side. I don’t see many changes to this part of the trailer in the future. The floor is newer than the trailer and in good shape. If I do anything, I’ll paint the bars and the ceiling a lighter gray color, but that very likely won’t happen if I find other projects. Like cleaning my barn so that it looks more like it did this summer in the picture below…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Hauling Vintage

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