When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

So I took a personal day from work yesterday since it was so nice outside. It was windy, which wasn’t ideal, but it was in the 70’s, so the wind was welcome if you were working on something. Which I was, all day long.

I started by feeding Copper his breakfast and gathering up some tools to work on the horse trailer. I go down to the lower barn to look over the horse trailer occasionally just to make sure no rodents have found a way in or anything. As usual, it looked fine. Before I could start ripping things apart, I opened all the doors so that there would be enough natural light for me to be able to see what I’m doing. Of course, the wind wasn’t helpful. I had to brace boards against some of the doors to keep them from swinging shut.

My next challenge was how to pop the rivets that attached the paneling to the metal “studs” in the walls. Apparently there are special tools for it, and you can saw them out, drill them out, etc. I just used my hammer to tap the tip of a screw into the rivet, then I broke the head off with the screw. That worked great for the little rivets, however when I tried to pop the ones that held weight bearing hooks to the walls, the rivets laughed at my technique. So I did what every other good demo’ing pro does and just started to rip and tear all the things. Possibly salvageable door trim that could be painted and reused in the future reconstruction? It must come out right this second. So I took down one tiny wall of paneling and one half wall (the cabinetry and refrigerator slowed my progress…) before standing back and realizing that I couldn’t do much more without a) someone strong to help me move the heavy things and b) some foresight and planning to keep me from destroying all the reusable things. Sometimes the demo troll just needs to take a deep breath and walk away until another day.

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

This is the left “gone” section on the before photo.

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

Before photo with progress marked.

The refrigerator is on the right of the “gone” portion in the before picture, so that stopped my progress to the right. To the left of the “gone” progress is the door to the living quarters, and there is a light fixture on the other side of the door. While I blazed through the trim with reckless abandon, I don’t generally do that where light fixtures are concerned. Wires are scary guys. So I stopped, fairly pleased with my progress. I had one whole trash bag to show for the small area. I really would like to be wearing goggles and a mask when I pull the ceiling down because of the water damage.

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

Above the door. Note the light fixture to the left.

So I left my trash in the lower hay barn with the trailer since more work is coming, and I went back up to the barn, only to realize that I was hungry. So I drove into town and got a sandwich and some corn chips. *Side note-Copper and the donks really like corn chips.*

By now it was around one, so I decided that I should ride Copper. The donkeys were very interested in eating hay, so I decided to live on the edge and leave them loose in the barn while I rode. Copper was very distracted on the ground (the mares were not in sight, poor lonely horse) so I lunged him for a bit before bridling him and crawling on. Oddly enough, I ride better when no one is watching me, so I was pretty relaxed from the get-go. Copper was listening well, so we played with neck reining a little bit, which was fun. Ever since riding lesson horses who neck reined when I was a teenager I always thought that was the pinnacle of a trained horse. Copper neck reined around really well in the barn yesterday. Would I trust it as my primary form of steering outside of the barn? Not quite yet. 😉 We also worked on circling while collected and bending. Fun stuff. He was *almost* sweating when I got off of him, and I feel like we rode for a while longer yesterday. I got on him on song 9 of a 13 track cd, and it was on song 5 when I got off. Yes, this is how I track my ride time. We’re special.

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

“I will behave and be a good pony, but you need to give me corn chips.” I hope he forgives me for posting a picture that shows the reality of his mule ears…

After riding, I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself. I thought about cleaning tack, but didn’t. I wandered around and tried to decide where to put my future chicken coop, but didn’t make any progress there either. What I did realize is that the rosebushes were taking over my back fenceline. I decided that would be a productive use of my time, so I got the pruning shears and spent the rest of the afternoon cutting rose bushes. I walked to the far field and cut down some that had been in waist high grass last year since the grass is still so short from winter. Robin was jealous because I was in the far field and I didn’t let her out there. The mares want to eat all the grass.

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

“My name is Robin and I love grass.”

A Soft Spot for Stars- When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

*Looks wistfully towards the grass in the far field.*

My brother walked up to talk, so we wasted some time until it was time for the farrier to get there. B, my farrier, got to the barn at 5 and we talked for a while after he trimmed Chloe. I generally try to have more than one horse in need of his services before having him come over since he lives in a neighboring town, but since Chloe had been acting lame, I decided to go ahead and have him out. Of course, she wasn’t the least bit lame all day yesterday, so in theory I could’ve cancelled, but once I set an appointment, I like to keep it, plus she still needed the trim. When he was looking at the foot she was lame on, we saw where she’d blown an abscess, thus the instant recovery. We were both relieved that her lameness was something so simple.

It was also nice when I realized that all of my horses are now up to date on vet, farrier work and deworming. Let me savor this moment. It will be fleeting. 😉

2 thoughts on “When It Is Too Pretty to be Inside

  1. Robin just has this look of having a mothering personality. If she were a human, I could definitely see her saying: “Awh, honey! It’s okay!” and hugging you constantly. xD Definitely looks like a sweetie!

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