A Soft Spot for Stars-TOABH-Introspection

What would your horse change about you?

This is my first blog hop post, and it kind of hinges off of this post in ways. Copper would definitely change my confidence level. He really likes to have fun and do exciting things, but seems to have placated himself with western pleasure in the barn. All the time.

The good news is that this is changing! The last threshold that we need to cross is my being comfortable riding him out in the field, and at the lope out in the field. We’ve done it before, a tiny amount. And it wasn’t awful at the time. But since then I’ve seen him go super springy in the field, though that was prior to his transformation into serious adult Copper.

A Soft Spot for Stars-TOABH-Introspection

When he was fatter and I was skinnier. Summer 2011, after I graduated from college.

A Soft Spot for Stars-TOABH-Introspection

We even cantered in the field sometimes…rarely…okay, maybe just this once.


There is a big difference between my riding in 2011 and now…and that’s just that I was strongly encouraged by my trainer had the opportunity to canter my horse a lot in an enclosed area. Since I cantered so much at G’s in his indoor and outdoor, I learned how to steer when cantering. When I started riding at the lesson barn back in the day, she only had us canter the straight sides of the arenas, and generally only uphill. So guess who never really learned how to steer while cantering. 😉 And then there was the fact that when cantering Lil Man out in the field, he adamantly chose our direction and I was the passenger on his crazy train. So it really isn’t that surprising that I’m afraid to canter out in the field.

What is different now is that I should trust Copper to be a mature adult. Once we cross this threshold, I really anticipate that we’ll start to progress in a big way.

Oh, and as for what Robin, Paige, Emma and Chloe would change about me? I would always be there to scratch their itches and feed them all the things. The Great Spring Diet for Robin and Paige is coming, and as usual, they aren’t going to like it.

A Soft Spot for Stars-TOABH-Introspection

Robin would never be fat…no…never.


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