Flashback Friday-Hunter Copper

Back in the day Copper was pretty successful as a local hunter. He is pretty young to be saying back in the day about. He’s only (almost) eight. Basically, Copper was good as a hunter when he was a baby. And when I say that he was good as a hunter I mean when he caught his hind leads and didn’t buck. So he was bucking a lot, which meant I rode him sparingly when he was young and generally only walk/trot.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday Hunter Copper

About as fast as I went with Copper in 2012-long trotting.

Keep in mind that when I say Copper was a hunter, I mean stock horse hunter under saddle. His jumping expertise is limited to cantering over baby crossrails. Anyway. Copper was a successful hunter when he was a baby. Which was nice, because winning is fun. He basically won all of his walk/trot HUS classes, but cantering was his issue. When Copper was a baby he had curb, so he was weak with his hind leads when he was young (so far we haven’t encountered that with mature-adult Copper). When he miraculously got his hind leads correct, he won, but that wasn’t super common. More often than not he got one hind lead wrong and ended up further down in the ribbons. He did better with his leads during his five year old year, but he also thought bucking was the coolest thing ever in 2012, so that was frustrating. He won a fair amount of ribbons that year since the bucking wasn’t as consistent as missing the hind leads had been in the past.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday Hunter Copper

Copper’s face says that he regrets not bucking in this class.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday Hunter Copper

The only show in 2012 where he didn’t buck at all or miss a hind lead.

He was so good at the show the last picture is from that I was very sad that I didn’t get to ride. I was actually supposed to show him at that show, but it was the first show of the year and I tried my tall boots on the night before and they didn’t fit. Womp Womp. I was planning my wedding and we’d just bought our house (which was being restoredĀ from the studs) so I didn’t rank horse showing super high on my priority list, so I couldn’t justify buying new tall boots to show that year. Or any year since then honestly.

I’d like to show hunter again, even if just because I feel Copper’s canter is more suited to HUS than WP currently. Once he has more muscle to his back I’ll pull out my hunter saddle and see how poorly it fits me…but I can’t justify buying a new hunt seat saddle right now. I’m 99.99% positive that it will be too small.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday Hunter Copper

So yeah, who knows when this will happen again…

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