Horse Show Weekend-Regional Appaloosa Show

So I had a change of plans this weekend. Jason was supposed to work, so I was going to stay home, ride my pony, clean my saddle, etc. Well, he ended up taking the weekend off, so I drove two hours to the Appaloosa show that was being held in Lexington, VA. A had three horses there for the halter classes, so I went down to help her, plus the Great American Trail Horse sale was going on in the coliseum.

The trail horse sale proved to be entertaining. There was a trail competition on Friday night that I didn’t get to see, but A and I went up and watched the sale horses work through obstacles in the arena while others were going through the sale pen at the other end. It was interesting to see what the horses sold for. The big sellers looked to be the reining type horses that had extra buttons put on them, which leads me to believe that these people aren’t all buying horses just to trail ride. Spending between 5k-9k on a horse to trail ride seems a little cooky to me, but hey, maybe they’re really serious trail riders. I didn’t take any pictures at the trail horse sale, but just imagine people standing on horses, doing flips off of them, some sliding stops and spins, children on regular sized horses, children on tiny ponies, etc. One mule sold for around 8k and we heard that her new owner is shipping her to England. I have serious mule envy now.

The Appaloosa show was fun as well. A and I watched the jumping classes on Saturday and talked about the potential of Copper and I doing Hunter Hack in a couple of years. We watched one of what would have been my and Copper’s classes and I was mentally kicking myself. My horse is so almost ready. We just have a couple things to tweak first. After watching some more classes we wandered around the show grounds for a while before bathing the two stallions that A brought along. The mare they brought showed when I arrived on Saturday morning and stood Reserve Champion Mare for the show.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Babette on Saturday morning

The stallions did well too. Buster showed in Aged Stallions and Sully was in Three Year Old Stallions. Buster was High Point Stallion for the show and both of the boys got grand and reserve titles after winning their age groups.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Buster standing for inspection

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Sully and his speckled nose. 🙂

I think one of the fun things for me as a takeaway from this weekend is seeing the differences in these babies that I watched grow up. I wish I’d taken some head shots of Sully, his little nose is so freckled now compared to when he was a baby! Enjoy some before and afters. 🙂

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Babette in October of 2011 and April of 2015

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Buster in October of 2011 and April of 2015

A Soft Spot for Stars-Horse Show Weekend

Sully in May of 2012 and April of 2015

All of these horses are owned by the breeder who I bought Copper from back in 2008. Sully is the only one of the three that is related to Copper. Sully’s sire is Copper’s half brother (same sire). A does such a good job with these horses to keep them respectful of their people despite being a type of horse that can be hard to deal with. I was even able to lead Buster, the aged stallion, around the warm up area without issue, and he doesn’t know me very well at all. For a big, well-fed studly that is an accomplishment!

5 thoughts on “Horse Show Weekend-Regional Appaloosa Show

  1. One thing I don’t get about halter and maybe you can help me understand, is why are horses that are SO butt high winning? The condition looks great and I’m not someone who will dismiss halter horses ‘because they look like cows’, but I don’t get the butt high conformation being successful. Help?

    • I’m no expert on halter (or anything for that matter…lol) but these guys were successful because there weren’t many horses in their age group classes that were fit to the level that they are. They’re out of balance due to growth, which (in my opinion) is generally a lesser flaw than some other conformational flaws. The three that I have featured here are all still growing, and will hopefully level out before they stop growing. 🙂 Babette and Buster both competed in the Aged category, but they are only 4 year olds.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for finding and following my blog! Regarding boarding barns near Camden, shoot me an email: Donovan (dot) Jenn40 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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