Spring, Glorious Spring

I kind of took an unofficial break from blogging over the last week because I was so busy with things. Yes, mystery things. Sorry. 😉 Also my brain has been mush because work has been busy (as expected for my position during this time of year) and I obviously don’t have the brain capacity for both.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring, glorious spring!

Another thing about this time of year: it is mouse season. I took this picture in April of 2011 and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to find another nest like this as I’ve been cleaning around the barn and finding empty nests everywhere. Bahhh. Mice. I’m not “afraid” of them, but I would prefer that they didn’t crawl up in my grooming totes and eat my brush bristles.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Spring, Glorious Spring

Two litters in one nest. Overachieving mice.

I was NOT happy with mice in 2011 because some smarty pants mouse ate the heel out of one of Copper’s SMB boots. Well, apparently I’ve been doing a good job at avoiding them the last couple of years, but this year seems to be another year of the mouse. As I’m sure you remember, a mouse rode with me a couple weeks ago, which was a first for me. The next day when I was at the barn I was going through things in the tack room and found the old bag in which I keep things that mice like to gnaw on. The zipper had given up it’s duty and split, so the precious, albeit now useless, SMB boots and a wad of cloth girths were now exposed to the gnawing mice. Of course there was a mouse nest in the bag, and of course I didn’t notice it until a mouse was climbing it’s way up my bare arm with it’s mate following closely behind on the strap of the bag. Mice. (Yes, a dance to rid my body of mice followed this discovery.)

A Soft Spot for Stars-Spring, Glorious Spring

Back to this little guy. Last Tuesday I brought Copper in to ride and noticed when I was tacking him up that there were HOLES chewed in my saddle pad. Yes, the glorious turquoise saddle pad now is missing some fluff, but that wasn’t as eye opening as the fact that the holes just led to a cavern of cozy between the turquoise blanket part of the pad and the fluffy inch thick pad portion. Now I’m wondering if I put the mouse on Coppers’s back when it was hanging out behind my cantle, or if the mouse was all snuggled up in between the layers of my pad when I put it on. The image of a mouse crawling from between Copper and the pad to find a seat on the skirt of my saddle is hilarious. Needless to say, I’ve been hanging my saddle pad in a different place in the barn every night and patting it down before tacking up, just to make sure no mice are crunched between Copper and the saddle. That gives me the shivers.

Speaking of 2011, a blog follower (confession: it was my mother) asked when this picture was taken. This picture is from May of 2011 when Copper was four. So cute. He was a saint to stand for the pictures because those rhododendrons always have bees in them that make all kinds of noises and scare me (I’m much prefer mice to bees…).A Soft Spot for Stars-Spring, Glorious Spring

If I have someone to hold him this year when they are in bloom I may try to take this picture again to show the progression from four year old Copper to eight year old Copper. Until then I’ll be skiing around in this mud being grateful for my Muck boots.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Spring, Glorious Spring

The mares would rather stand in a hail storm than come in the barn where it was super loud.

4 thoughts on “Spring, Glorious Spring

    • My brother’s cat stays in my barn a lot, but I think he just kills birds, not mice. And he doesn’t let other cats stick around. I do want more (useful) barn cats!

    • I have one…but he’s a bird killer unfortunately. He’s my brother’s cat and is fed at their house, but stays at my barn and chases off my attempts at new barn cats. 😦

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