An Easy Spring DIY Project for the Barn

My first DIY post! YAY! okay…sometimes when I say DIY I mean DIH (Do It Husband). So this is a DIH project since Jason is the spray painting king (and I’m convinced that if given a can of turquoise spray paint my enthusiasm will be so great that all the things will be turquoise). So we started at Lowe’s. Step one was super easy to complete: buy the spray paint.

2015-04-19 14.59.34So after we bought the spray paint, we went to the barn (where it was raining, of course) and I cleaned the saddle rack that I bought last year from Tractor Supply. About a month after I got mine, G bought one and painted it hunter green. Mine needed to be a happy color! So three months of winter later, we were making it happen. I convinced Jason that he is SO much better than I am at spray painting things, so he came to the barn and helped did it all.

2015-04-19 16.42.26So after buying the spray paint and cleaning the saddle rack, we took it apart and hung it from the rafters. We hung the two upper pieces on the same piece of twine so that they balanced their weight. Then (as soon as I took this picture) the twine broke and dropped both of these pieces. So I had to reclean them and Jason hung them on their own piece of twine. Spoiler alert: this system worked overnight.

So this is the point where most people would’ve probably sanded the metal item that they were intending to paint. Ever the lazy DIY enthusiast, I skipped this step, and may pay for it with chipping paint in the future.

2015-04-19 16.53.54

2015-04-19 16.59.38Isn’t my husband adorable matching with his turquoise shirt? He won’t read this, so he’ll never know he was posted about. Bahaha. So after painting them, I wanted to stick around to put it together when it dried. Jason was ever the voice of reason and said that I needed to let it dry for at least 24 hours. Womp womp. So we left it to dry overnight.

2015-04-19 17.21.092015-04-19 17.20.58Before we left, we did set the bottom piece down on an open grain bag since it was heavier and was more likely to plummet to the dirt. Note in the pictures that the ground in my barn is now also turquoise. Not a problem in my book. I actually debated on sanding and repainting all of the gates on the farm turquoise, then realized that A) that was a LOT of work for the lazy DIY girl and B) will having a bajillion turquoise gates make me look crazy to potential boarders? Very possibly.

So when I got to the barn on Monday, I put it together gently, just in case the paint hadn’t cured 100%. I found a couple of spots that Jason had missed so I touched it up a bit myself (and managed to not turquoise the world).

2015-04-20 17.53.00Since I painted a little more I had to wait yet another day to put it where it belongs and to put my saddle on it. While I love turquoise, I don’t want paint on my saddle! So yesterday it was finally dry and able to be assembled and utilized!

2015-04-21 18.52.11

Yes. My saddle pad does match it nicely. I’m hoping now that the paint doesn’t chip since we didn’t sand it prior to painting. I was gentle with my metal stirrups so that they didn’t whack the paint job.

20150421_185952Hopefully I’ll get to ride this monkey tonight. With the rain and all I haven’t ridden in over a week. :/ Whoops…I’ll probably bring him and Paige in tonight for short rides.

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