It Was Supposed to Rain So I Made a Mess

Gotta love when your weather app says something like a 90% chance of rain starting at 4pm, then it doesn’t actually rain until 8pm or so. I didn’t bring Copper in to ride for that reason. I went home after work and snuggled up in my bed and relaxed for a little while. I thought about napping, but I would’ve had to let the dogs in (just in case the storm happened while I was napping) so that Sampson wouldn’t get his anxiety in the sunroom with the metal roof.

I laid there for a while debating. I decided that since I needed to get up to let the dogs in anyway, I would be productive. I went down to the basement to get the heat gun to take some paint off of the stairs. When I had the banisters replaced upstairs, I had my woodworker/contractor go ahead and make my banister for the down stairs steps too. When we bought the house, it just had standard spindles and handrail from who-knows-where. They weren’t very pretty and the finish of the wood was equally not super pretty. Since it would’ve been as much work to refinish them as replace them, I decided to get a more custom feel and just have the contractor make us a new set out of some old wood laying in the barn. My father always kept a bunch of old wood on hand for projects and such, and since I’ve been remodeling my house AND making an effort to get the barn cleaned up, it seemed like the perfect combination. All of the woodwork around the windows and doors upstairs and in the front of the bottom of the house was constructed out of old wood in the barn, but my contractor said I had some nice walnut that I should save for a special project where I wasn’t going to paint the wood, so the stair banister it was!

NEW upstairs banister made to look like what would’ve been added back in time. Ash spindles with a walnut handrail. The newel posts are what came with the house.

The rustic sign above the stairs says “Deuel’s Feed and Stable.” It was a piece from an old stable at the end of our street back when people who lived in town kept their horses at a central stable instead of having them at their homes before there were cars.

So the lower level of the steps needs an update now. I have plans to recarpet the steps for safety reasons for both the dogs and myself (we are all pretty clumsy…) and I’m debating on painting the treads and leaving the risers the original finish.

How the steps looked until yesterday…

IF you are thinking that the current carpet is ok, and I should live with that, you are wrong. So very, very wrong. It not only is coated with whatever funk the previous homeowners got on it, but it also contains tons of construction filth. Really, I can’t emphasize how dirty this carpet is enough. (I say this with the knowledge of the dirt that came out of it when I ripped it off yesterday…)

SO, since I needed to remove the paint from the steps, it only made sense that I remove the carpet first. Holy glue from the olden days. That carpet wasn’t going anywhere. As I was pulling it off, I started wondering if the carpet was the only thing holding the steps up-it wasn’t. 😉 But it was a true workout. The fact that I’m not ridiculously sore today surprises me, because I really had to hit beast mode to rip this stuff out.

At this point, I was having “what have I done?” thoughts. I was also smart enough to go get my gloves before moving forward. Somehow, even though I was wearing gloves, I still managed to bust one knuckle and get a giant blister on the end of my ring finger. Ripping out carpet is hard work. Very hard work. And this was my reward:

2015-04-30 08.50.10 2015-04-30 08.50.17 2015-04-30 08.51.00Very ugly steps. *Groans* So there is obviously a LOT of work to be done still. I want to get as much paint off of the risers as I can without using the heat gun because I’m paranoid that the heat gun will take the finish off of the wood and I’m not sure if I want that. I might. I’m just not sure yet. I have an attitude of “to hell with the treads” because they have so much funk on them from the glue/carpet fibers. I’m hoping I can wrangle a sander of some sort to remove the funk from them to get them to the point of being able to paint them/carpet over them. But dear lord. This was a job.

This little room mainly exists to house the stairs. The door you can see in the above photo goes to the dining room, and I’m standing in the doorway to the kitchen. I’ve thought about how I want to style it, and its kind of a room when three different style meet. The upstairs of my house is very country vintage. The front is more classy and elegant with antiques and gold finishes, and the kitchen is more contemporary/kind of retro with LOTS of turquoise. You can see it here. I’ve thought about pulling down the paneling and wall papering the old plaster with fancy wallpaper. I LOVE so many of the wallpaper patterns that are out now, but I worry that they’ll be more trendy than timeless and I’ll tire of them. It is such a small room that redoing it wouldn’t be the end of the world though. The country vintage theme will come downstairs a little since the banister will match from upstairs. I need a cute swag-able light fixture for the space as well. Decisions, decisions…here are some inspirational pins that I have been staring at for too long.

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