Wednesday Was Paige Day

I got lots of things accomplished yesterday. I desperately needed an oil change, so I called and scheduled that. I woke up with my stomach being not so thrilled with me, so I called into work and stayed home. I guess it was something I ate, but by lunch time I was feeling better and decided to make the most of my day off. I went to the bank to take care of some things, then went and bought some giant storage totes to clean out my closet at Dad’s. SO many stuffed animals. It is honestly pretty insane. I have 108 (or so) beanie babies in a giant tote. Yes, Jason will have to carry it upstairs. It is way too heavy for me! He will be thrilled with this…hahahah.

I took as many totes as would fit in my and Jason’s vehicles back to the house and labeled them and put them in the closet upstairs. Thank goodness my house is unusual in that it is super old AND has closets. Generally those don’t go together. I did pack a tote of toys that would be fun for kids of friends to play with if they end up at my house for some reason. They’re mainly girl toys…sorry boys.

After I got my oil changed, I went back to the farm to water since I was running behind earlier and didn’t make time between packing up the car and needing to leave to go to the dealership. A storm was brewing, so the wind was very cool, which was refreshing because it had been hot earlier in the day, and I didn’t feel much like riding since it was hot and my stomach had already been angry. The prospect of riding in the barn didn’t thrill me much, and I still haven’t gotten to the point of trusting Copper outside, especially since I was at the farm alone again. One day this summer, we will get there, it just wasn’t yesterday. So I caught Paige. She wasn’t thrilled at the idea, and actually didn’t want me to catch her when she saw me walking towards her with a halter. She gave in quickly though, so I tacked her up in the barn and led her out to the field. I lunged her a couple circles, just to get an idea of her frame of mind, then I bridled her and crawled on. Mounting her from the ground is so easy after mounting Copper from the ground.

The storm over the woods.

I didn’t factor her hormones into her frame of mind. She was very distracted when I first got on, Copper was cantering the fence line. Oh, and she’s in heat. Lovely. When I asked her to trot, she was very eager and trotted out pretty quickly, which startled me a little since I’m so used to hardly moving forward with Copper in the barn when he jogs. After being enthusiastic about life and trotting for a while, she realized that she wasn’t as fit as she thought she was and slowed to a more reasonable pace. She was kind of fussy about her face, but I attribute most of that to her raging hormones and her constant desire to get closer to Copper. I would like to add that he was being SUCH A TEASE when I was riding her. He generally doesn’t care about her and avoids her when she’s in heat, but he was full of himself yesterday.

“My boyfriend is over there!” Paige says. No Paige. Baby daddy is in California.

Copper would never distract Paige…nooooo….

She did pretty well considering it was thundering (she didn’t care), the wind was up, she was in heat, and Copper was being a tease. Add that to the fact that she hasn’t been ridden outside of the barn since fall and we’re both out of shape, and I’d call yesterday an accomplishment. I was feeling pretty brave (for some reason…) and decided to attempt loping her around some. To be completely honest, I haven’t loped Paige since I test rode her before buying her last summer. My confidence was ridiculously low last year, and I didn’t really work much at the lope until after the show with Copper in September. When I asked her, she definitely gave me sassy face. I took that as her telling me that I was way too heavy for her to carry me at that rate of speed. I bumped her with my spurs and told her that she isn’t petite by anyone’s standards either (okay, except maybe compared to drafts or something…). She picked up the canter slowly and it petered out super fast. Hills are hard. Can’t even canter. This is the mare that runs around like a barrel horse when I lead Copper into the barn. The next time I asked a little more assertively and got a more enthusiastic response. Of course she acted like loping down the incline might just kill her, so we mainly did the uphill parts. I was thrilled that she loped for me though. In the past she’s been more of a slug when asked for upward transitions. I think it helps that I’m a marginally more confident rider and am equipped with spurs now. 😉

Overall, I was pleased with our ride. We need to find a medium speed lope. It was either tiny, slow strides yesterday that felt like they might drop to a trot at any second or almost barrel horse speed, which I’ll admit, was fun, and would’ve been more fun had my girth been a bit tighter.

Paige is tired. Poor tired Paige..

I do have some news about Paige and her future pregnancy. She will be going to the vet’s farm in a couple weeks to be inseminated. There has been a change in the line-up though. She’s going to be bred to Dun It With A Whiz instead of QTsGold Mastercard. As disappointed as I am that I won’t be getting a baby from QTsGold Mastercard, the plan B of breeding her to a son of Hollywood Dun It is pretty fantastic. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to breed Paige to such a nice stallion this year and am very excited to see what the cross will produce.

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