We’re Tearing Down Walls Over Here

Lately I’ve been riding Paige out in the field and having a good time of that. Riding her in the barn isn’t the most exciting thing you can imagine, so the only time she’s been ridden is if I’m riding her outside or someone else is riding her. I have been learning a lot about her though, which is fun. We started our ride this weekend by just leisurely walking the perimeter of the field. A groundhog popped out in front of us and she just curiously watched it dart back under the fence. I also didn’t realize how skilled she is at opening gates/side passing to allow me to open the gate until this weekend. I pointed her at the gate and before I could cue her to side pass, we were standing exactly where I needed to be to lift it and push it over, and she continued to move towards it to allow me to open it wider. The more time I spend with her, the more pleased I am that I bought her last year. I’ve had moments where I am hard on myself for buying another horse, but I was consoling myself by saying that she’d be great for non-experienced riders to learn on. Now I’m having so much fun with her that I’m not super enthusiastic to share. I’m thinking of setting up some little jumps/an obstacle course out in the field to give us more to work on than just wandering around the field at various speeds.

A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over Here

“Hi, I’m Paige and I’m good at things.”

Well, poor Copper has been put on the backburner because I’m still not feeling confident enough to ride him outside. I’m getting close, but I feel like I need consecutive good rides in the barn, which I haven’t had in a while due to being busy, etc. I have been practicing loping with Paige in the field and focusing a lot on BREATHING and relaxing at the lope. Of course, Paige being her lazy self, she drops to a trot every time I let out a deep breath and relax. So I’ve been working hard on breathing and applying extra leg to keep her moving forward. πŸ˜‰

A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over Here

Things that have not been happening…

A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over Here

Things that have been happening

The main reason that I haven’t been riding Copper is this:

A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over Here A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over HereProgress! Though not as much as there should be. Jason and I started on this on my birthday. Yes, I spent my birthday pulling nails out of boards. I am such a party animal. Anyway, we were supposed to work on it this weekend, at the very least I wanted to finish the demo. We do need to move all of the stuff out of the bay to rebuild the wall, including the extra hay I had leftover from this winter.

Game plan is that we should get the wall demoed and rebuilt in June. I can deal with it not being rebuilt immediately, but we do need to finish demoing it so that I can ride Copper without there being stuff everywhere. I feel like once I have enough room to lope in the barn, I’ll feel better about taking him outside since I’ve been riding Paige outside so often the last couple of weeks. We really should have been more productive this weekend, but we were lazy. And when I say lazy, I mean I did house chores instead of farm chores. Well, except Jason weed-eated around the parking area at the farm while I cleaned tack. We were kind of productive…just not on this project. πŸ˜‰

Side note-anyone need any old headboards/footboards from antique beds or a camper top for a Ford truck?

A Soft Spot for Stars-We're Tearing Down Walls Over Here

Meanwhile, I’ve not been riding Robin. Sorry Robin, I know you love exercise. (So much sarcasm…)

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