Flashback Friday-Buying Hay

So I was out shopping with some friends the other evening when my hay guy called. I love my hay guy, because he calls. And he delivers. And he unloads the round bales from his trailer with my tractor into my barn so they never get rained on waiting on us to put them away. Awesome hay guy is awesome, and no, you can’t have his digits.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday-Buying Hay

2014 Hay

I’ve had horse people (who don’t talk to me all that much otherwise…) send me facebook messages asking me who I get my hay from and can they have his phone number. I’m stingy, so unless he tells me that he has tons of hay to sell and no customers, I’m not passing his number around. Sorry, not sorry, but there are a few things in life I don’t share, and my hay guy is one of them.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday-Buying Hay

Super low quality cell phone picture of the mares invading the barn when the gate was left open. Whoops…

I’m not in crisis mode necessarily, but I’m a little stressed about how much hay to buy this year. I was in the same frame of mind last year when I bought hay and I overbought, which is much better than the alternative. I still have ten round bales left after winter. So now I’m doing the dance of questioning myself: how many did I even buy last year? Will I be feeding the same number of horses, or will I have more boarders? If I build run-ins and feed two little herds, will it take more hay than feeding the entire group in one location? Will I be feeding as much hay this winter with the possibility of opening up the new ~20 acre field for consumption?


A Soft Spot for Stars-Flashback Friday-Buying Hay

2013 Hay

Currently, I’m leaning towards buying twenty bales. I think I bought twenty-seven last year, but I’m not sure. And I bought much less than that in 2013, but I have no idea how much. In 2013 I was only buying for Copper, Robin and the donks, but Kricket joined the party later that year and we had still had plenty to go around. So how much more do I really need with the addition of Paige? Buying twenty bales with that perspective seems like a lot, especially considering the ten I still have. That would mean I’d go through thirty bales in the winter of ’15/’16, and I only went through seventeen (assuming my memory is correct) this previous winter. So should I buy fifteen bales, plus my leftover ten to equal twenty-five for the coming winter? That would mean that if I fed seventeen bales again this year, like I did last year, I’d still have eight spare bales to make up the difference if winter is worse this year, etc.

But now that I think about it, did I have leftover hay from 2013 that may have skewed the amount of hay I actually fed last winter? I think I had three bales left from 2013, which would mean that I fed twenty bales in 2014/2015. That would only give me five extra if I bought fifteen this year. Maybe that will be enough with the addition of the new field? Maybe I’ll change my mind eleven more times before I call my hay guy back.

What do you think? Will I need as much hay this year? Am I crazy? The answer to that last question is yes. 🙂

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