Fingers Crossed

Paige has been bred! The stinker was supposed to come in heat on Saturday (according to my calculations…) but when the vet ultrasounded her on Friday morning, imagine his surprise (and mine) to find that she would be ready to bred on Saturday. Not just starting her cycle, but actually at the prime time to make magic happen. Paige=overchiever.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Fingers Crossed

Oh, was I supposed to gradually go into heat? My bad.

So the mare was showing NO SIGNS of being in heat on Wednesday when we hauled her, but by Friday morning she had a large follicle that my vet wanted to inseminate on Saturday. You know, the next day. Luckily the stud owner is amazing. Literally. She’s so nice and she accommodated my crazy last minute semen request and the shipment arrived around lunch time on Saturday. I’m currently waiting on the vet’s office to call back to let me know when I can journey west ward to pick her up.

It has been weird going to the barn the last few days and her not being there. She’s like Robin in that once she sees you in the field, she makes an effort to come visit before you leave. I’m lucky to have such sweet mares, even if Robin is a little neurotic. I’ll be glad to have Paige back, and I’m hoping she cooks me one of these:

The hip on that last baby is insane. According to the calculator, I’m equally likely to get the following (21.97%): Bay Dun, Buckskin, Dunskin, and Bay. I don’t particularly want a bay, so I’m hoping the odds will give me any of those three other colors, or one of the super-not-likely to happen (1.56-1.45% chances…), but possible shades of Grulla, Smoky Black, Black, Chestnut, Palomino, Dunalino, Red, Dun, or Smoky Grullo. I’m not picky, I’ll take any of those except bay willingly. Dorsal stripes in general make me happy. What even is a dunalino though? Google time…..okay, dunalino would be super cool. But so would red or buckskin. Once again, not picky. Here is a handsome dunalino:

Speaking of sweet mares, I had a potential boarder come to look at the farm last night and Robin thought she was responsible for the farm tour and kept us company as often as she could. I do need to do something about Robin’s ears, the flies have been eating them raw on the inside, and I can tell she’s uncomfortable. Copper is sporting a fly mask, but his ears are unprotected. He doesn’t seem as phased by it as Robin. Kricket is completely oblivious to flies for some reason. Maybe its the super long and elegant forelock she has going on? Who knows. Maybe all of their ears are raw and Robin’s just a diva about it? SUPER likely.

Okay, I’ve now shared a ton of pictures of horses who don’t belong to me. Now the wait begins: we have to wait to see if Paige is pregnant. I may lose my marbles between now and then in anticipation, so prepare yourself for that. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. Sounds promising! We attempted live cover with my quarter horse mare this year and have failed two cycles. We were advised by vet to try again next breeding season via a.I. . my mare ovulates early in her cycle, and didn’t even accept the stud this last go round. Yikes!! It was fun to read this post as I have been going through the breeding process as well with my mare. Good luck to you, and I hope you get some chrome!!!!

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