Well, Paige is back on the farm and hopefully pregnant. Her next appointment is on the seventeenth of this month, and that will be the one that could kill my soul confirms her pregnancy. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I’m pretty nervous about it. Jason worked night shift the first two days that I was able to go pick her up, so I asked a friend of mine to drive the truck and trailer to get Paige. I still haven’t driven it myself, but one day I will be adventurous. One day.

It was nice to have an experienced driver drive the truck and trailer. Jason doesn’t have a huge basis of comparison for how our trailer pulls since he’s never pulled a horse trailer. My friend said that it pulls well for its age, and that after a couple upgrades to the spare tire and safety chains, we should be in good shape. These were things that we were already planning on updating, so that wasn’t a surprise. I also realized (luckily NOT the hard way) that it would be a good idea to have a tool box in the trailer should changing a tire be necessary. My friend also said that the annoying lurching thing that the trailer does is just a thing that empty trailer do when being pulled. He’s a mechanic and works with tractor trailers on the regular, so I trust his opinion. He said it has something to do with the ratio of weight in front of/behind the axle. We’d been worried that something was wrong with it, so that was a nice thing to hear. BIG thanks to S and A for going with me/driving/encouraging Paige to get on the trailer last night!

A Soft Spot for Stars-Adulting=Decisions

I did list my trailer for sale after hauling Paige to the vets last week. When we got there she was completely lathered with sweat despite all of the trailer windows being wide open. She isn’t a nervous type horse, so I think the air flow in the trailer was severely compromised. Well, after listing it for sale, I’ve been asked a few questions, including the measurement of the height of the inside of the trailer. So I went to the farm and measured it. It is 88″ tall. Well, imagine my surprise/relief when I realized that there are ceiling vents in the trailer! So I opened the vents before hauling Paige last night and she arrived on the farm sweat free last night.

Of course the weather situation was vastly different on the ride home than it was on the ride out, so I don’t have a great basis of comparison to determine if the ceiling vents made the difference. When we took her down last week it was 81 degrees and sunny (vents closed) and last night when we hauled her it was later in the evening (she got on the trailer at 730 pm vs getting on at 6 pm the week before), plus it was rainy, cloudy and 70 degrees or so. Now I’m trying to find an occasion to trailer something when its hot to determine if the trailer’s ventilation problem has been resolved. The local horse club is having an open arena tomorrow night, so that would generally show potential, but the weather is expected to be rainy/cloudy again, so it would likely be comparable to last night’s weather. I’m tempted to take Copper regardless to work on our loping in an enclosed, yet large area. Of course it has been raining all week so I worry that the footing will be crappy. Bahhh. Decisions. Also, I need to call my hay guy and make a decision about that. Adulting is hard.

Someone did offer me a trade on the trailer, pending each of us looking at the other’s trailer. They’re about two hours from here in WV, so it isn’t as simple to just go look at it like I’d like it to be, I actually have to make a decision about trading my trailer in general first. It is a newer (by ten years or so) stock trailer. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any storage, so that’s a con. Stock trailers are ridiculously easy to convince a horse to load onto though, which I miss about pulling Dad’s stock trailer. A two horse straight load just doesn’t look as welcoming to the ponies. The stock trailer could fit more horses though. Max capacity for my trailer is two. Max on the stock trailer is determined by how well the horses like one another and how much weight the truck can pull. The lady that owns it said that six could fit if they all liked one another. I own too many mares for that to be likely. hahaha.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t need a living quarters. Dressing room/tack area yes please, but bed, sink, etc….not so much. So this decision is kind of frustrating as well.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Adulting=Decisions

Spooky spooky…or so Paige thinks.

If I sell my trailer, I’ll definitely miss the vintage charm that goes with it’s age. It’s pretty adorable despite being a little rough around the edges. A Soft Spot for Stars-Adulting=Decisions

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