A Not So Wordless Wednesday

A Soft Spot for Stars-A Not So Wordless Wednesday

One of these things is not like the others…

Sometimes I decide that I just need a break from the office, which makes having some spare vacation time nice. I took the day off yesterday to get outdoors and do some things around the farm. I’m very content with the farm right now, and just feel happy being out in the sunshine with my ponies. Jason was also off yesterday, so I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to pester him into helping me with some things.

Apparently I’m beyond scatter brained about my horse trailer. One minute I’m selling it/trading it, the next I’m talking to my awesomely knowledgeable little brother about how to fix it up. So yesterday I enlisted Jason’s help to get the trailer ready for more demo. Sorry to potential buyers that may be interested, I’ve decided to charge ahead with the changes despite your feelings. So we took the mini fridge out and put it in the barn, so now I have a working fridge in the barn. Which is super awesome, and not something I’ve had in a barn situation for a while. I doubt it’ll be going back in the trailer since I rarely haul places where I have electricity, thus the refrigerator just takes up a bunch of space and is useless. We also removed the mattress from the neck of the trailer and wrapped it in heavy duty drop cloths. The mattress is insanely old already, so I’m not super confident that I won’t just buy an air mattress for the trailer should I decide to sleep in it, which also doesn’t seem super likely since I mainly haul to little day shows. Either way, I decided to preserve the debatable cleanliness of the mattress until the decision has been made. So now the mattress is wrapped in the drop cloths and sealed with duct tape from barn funk. Because keeping a mattress in a stall in the barn seems to be an excellent idea…

After we emptied the horse trailer of the unnecessary extras, Jason bush hogged around the driveway/parking area to make the place look a little less wild. The driveway to the barn is currently the flower-less secret garden. I got so used to going up the driveway in winter so now the lush greenery from all the trees is a huge difference. It is nice to have a shady area to park my car while I’m with the ponies. We left the bush hog parked outside of the field so that it wouldn’t be in the way and Jason journeyed to the other side of the farm to find the drag to get it out of the tall grass in case the people renting the rest of the place decide to bush hog their fields. Running over a drag would be no bueno. So Jason used the drag to spread out the manure where the mares poo right in front of Copper’s water trough area. Thanks girls. Thanks.

A Soft Spot for Stars-A Not So Wordless Wednesday

I really need to unlock this phase of Copper under saddle. Also note that Kricket is NOT Copper’s biggest fan. ha.

Jason then used the drag on the little paddock field where the horse trailer is currently parked, and we decided that it could be left in the field since the horses aren’t allowed in there currently anyway. Ha. Now think back to when we brought the drag into the field in the first place. Since Jason needed to go through two sets of gates in Copper’s field to go get the drag/bring it back, I decided to just let him and the donks in the field with the mares for a while to get them out of the way. Well, Jason and I went for a Sonic break to get half priced drinks and when I got back into the farm guess who knocked the gate down and let the whole herd in with the drag? *Facepalm*. Copper can be annoying about some things. That gate and the water trough to be exact. Luckily my brother saw it happen, and called me to let me know that all of the horses were jumping the downed gate into the little field. Of course he was unaware of the drag being in the field and just thought the horse trailer was the reason I had them locked out. I was already in the driveway at this point, so I arrived to find the mares sucking up as much grass as their mouths could contain. Copper was bucking around going mare to mare trying to convince them to run and play. I gave my brother a lunge whip and positioned him by the drag to keep them from stepping on it while I chased them out. Crazy ponies.

A Soft Spot for Stars-A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Jumping the water hose…

A Soft Spot for Stars-A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Copper has rodeo aspirations.

After helping me put the herd back where they belonged, my brother helped me fix my gate so that it was actually on the hinges, not just tied to the post as it had been prior to Copper’s test of strength. We then discussed how I should go about fixing up the trailer. He crawled on the roof since he’s brave like that and inspected the seams. Our strategy now is for me to demo inside the trailer as planned until we can see the seams from inside to determine where the leaks are, and if I play my cards right (put the trailer in the barn out of the sun) he’ll patch the leaky places for me. My brother used to do body work on cars before taking over the family business, so he’s smart about that sort of things, which is nice.

After we brainstormed about the trailer a bit more (I’ll post more about this tomorrow) I rode Copper in the barn despite the mess (which I’ll post more about on Friday). 🙂

A Soft Spot for Stars-A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Copper being regal. Sad that I cut Paige’s head off…

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