Five of My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

When I read Jenn’s list on her blog, I knew this would be a fun post.

1. My favorite thing for summer riding is kind of easy: riding after 730 pm. At this point the sun has gone down and riding seems like a doable thing. Any time before that and I want to either be in the shade or in the air conditioning. Or in a pool, lake, etc. Welcome to summer. Paige is much happier when it drops into the 70’s as well.

A Soft Spot for Stars-5 Favorite Summer Things

Robin picking on Paige during our ride on Friday evening.

2. Barn fridge. It is pretty normal for me to drink room temperature bottled water.  The fact that water is still drinkable when not cold is one of the many reasons I prefer it to soda. I’m not a huge fan of Gatorade either, so luckily my penchant for water works for me. I have discovered that COLD water after riding is the best treat ever, so I’ve been enjoying the “new” barn fridge.

3. Fly masks. Okay, so this one isn’t for riding. Copper hearts his fly mask, which kind of surprised me because he can be quirky about certain things, and I was worried that destroying fly masks would be among them. It really was in his best interest to treat it well, because now I think I’m going to invest in a fly mask with ears for him since I’ll likely be showing him next summer and his ears will likely get trimmed depending on the show. If anyone sees a good deal on a fly mask with ears, let me know.

A Soft Spot for Stars-5 Favorite Summer Things

Being a good kid and not destroying his fly mask.

4. Yard sales. This one isn’t exactly for riding either, but you know where I got those fly masks that I posted about in #4? Yup. Yard sale. I got a horse sized (Paige/Robin), a cob/2 yr old sized (Copper/Robin) and a yearling sized (donks) for a buck a piece. So three fly masks for $3. I’ve only been keeping one on Copper so far this summer because the mares don’t see to be crawling with flies for some reason. I’m thinking it is because the field they’re in has less grass or because there are more of them for the flies to choose from? Plus Robin tends to leave hers in random places somehow…

A Soft Spot for Stars-5 Favorite Summer Things

Fancy yard sale marketing right here.

5. Long days. It doesn’t get too dark to do things outside until a little after 9 pm currently, and that has been amazing. I’ve been waiting until 7ish to go to the barn and staying until almost 9. There’s a sort of quiet calm about being at the barn in the late evening that I like. Of course, that means my eating habits aren’t improving since I’ve been eating dinner when I get home…

A Soft Spot for Stars-5 Favorite Summer Things

Three of my ladies yesterday evening around 8:30 or so.

4 thoughts on “Five of My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

  1. Love long days! I get so much done! On the other hand, it also makes it feel like I get less sleep and do more work. Which is probably true lol

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