Update on Paige

Womp womp. This is the face of a not-so-pregnant mare. She has another ultrasound in the morning. A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige UpdateWe’re going to give it one more shot. If she doesn’t catch this time, I’m calling it not meant to be and throwing myself into/onto Copper. Who was not quite right last night as far as soundness is concerned. I’m hoping it was just the insane heat and the fact that the mares may have limited his access to water during the day. I can’t decide if he was tying up or not. I’m super nervous about tying up because his full sister (one year younger than him) mysteriously died last year, possibly from PSSM related symptoms. So that’s not helping my peace of mind horse-wise currently. Copper did have a spa day last night after I moved the mares back to the dieting world.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige Update

A fresh roach, combed out forelock and missing tail…which was also conditioned and combed out.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige Update

Daw. There’s his tail. And his little baby face. He’s eight going on two again.

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