Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay Delivery

Okay, so when we talked last, Paige was not pregnant and we were planning on inseminating her again. After her ultrasound on Friday, my vet recommended that I order the shipment for Saturday delivery. At that point she had one egg that would be ready to be inseminated, so imagine his surprise when two giant eggs were ready to rock and roll on Saturday afternoon when we were preparing for the procedure. Her eggs had already grown at a pretty fast rate between Wednesday and Friday, so the change from Friday to Saturday was pretty impressive. Paige is an egg cooking machine.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay Delivery

Paige chilling after her Saturday afternoon appointment.

In non-horse breeding news, all of my hay has been delivered. I can now rest easy and not worry about rain, grass growth, etc. It has been hardcore raining since we put the hay in the barn, so our timing was pretty great. When the first load was delivered I put the mares out in Copper’s field with him and left the gate open for my hay guy. Since he was delivering the rest after work on Friday, I just hung around the barn to open/close the gate behind him and to keep the mares out of the way. We did let them taste test the hay though.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay DeliveryNotice they were pigging out despite the fact that the tractor was actively moving the hay bales while they were eating? Dieting mares don’t care. Paige was particularly strategic and took the position nearest the truck. When he drove the tractor around the side of the trailer, she could continue eating without interruption. Now I have hay sitting around in the riding area waiting to be packed into the bay. Jason and I will likely be working on that this evening.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay Delivery

A Soft Spot for Stars-Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay DeliveryBetween monsoons, my mom and I planted some flowers in front of my fence at the house in town. I now have three knockout rose bushes, two balloon flowers, and four little fluffy orange fuzzems that I don’t remember what they were called. We’re going to transplant some peonies from behind the fence to the empty areas so they’ll grow in next year without Jason mowing them…yes…I’m bitter about this.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Weekend Recap: Ultrasounds and Hay DeliveryAlso, if you ever want to scare your mares to death take good headshots of your mares, take an umbrella with you to check water. Yes, I still check water if it is monsooning, because Copper is a goober and his water tubs may or may not be upright to collect the rain water. Paige finally used her brain and let me pet her despite the fact that I was carrying a giant scary thing. Robin and Kricket weren’t fond of the idea at all, and Copper was blowy in the neighboring field, so I can’t imagine he’d be very intelligent about it if he were nearer. I need to find an old umbrella to keep at the barn to work with at least Paige and Copper to get them over this. Anyone could stroll up to them at a horse show, etc. with an umbrella. I’d like to think they would be adults and get over it, but if yesterday was any indication, they’d likely flee the scene if given the opportunity.

It is supposed to rain/thunderstorm every day for the next week, so I’m not thinking a lot will happen horse wise. If anything, I’m hoping to get Jason on the ball and finish tearing down/rebuilding the wall in the riding area. Now they the new hay has arrived, we will be able to move the old hay, so the only thing standing in our way is us. 🙂

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