Hand Gallop Blog Hop-Every Day Tack Setup

hgbhI’ve been craving a blog hop lately. I haven’t had a whole lot to post about on the blog, which is understandable with Paige draining all the horsey funds. I did buy a pair of boots to review next week, so that will be fun. State Line Tack is having a nice 25% off sale currently, and while I didn’t get my pair for 25%, they threw in a $20 gift card. I figured that was a pretty good deal since it made the boots $100 instead of $119…even if I have to spend the $20 on horsey things…lolz. No problems there. Copper will need a shank bit at some point, so we’ll be able to use that gift card for sure.

Back to the blog hop: Stephanie asks: “What is your every day tack setup?”

Oh dear. I use the same tack for Copper and Paige, and despite the visual differences in their faces, I generally don’t even have to adjust the bridle. Weird, right?

  • Saddle- My Billy Cook Classic Reiner. I still love this thing more than any other western saddle I’ve ever sat in. I love that it is pretty enough to show in, but not so much that I don’t use it as my daily saddle. I hate buying pretty things to only use at shows. I got a good deal on my saddle on one of the horse consignment websites (maybe Equinehits?) used. It supposedly didn’t fit a QH with a very similar body type to Copper. No complaints here. left
  • I did enhance my saddle with some new stirrups. They’re blingy. Got these on eBay. The offset stirrups make my ankles hurt less while riding, which is awesome. My ankles have hurt when riding for the last few years, but not in my lessons at G’s with his saddle with off set stirrups. Bought myself a pair and it has been a lovely change.s-l140
  • Girth- Funny actually. I didn’t buy this girth? Someone left it at my barn, and I’ve totally pulled a finders keepers with it. Sorry, not sorry. I’m pretty sure it is a Classic Equine Mohair Girth (I’m confident on the mohair, it is the brand I have hesitations about). G wants me to use a neoprene girth instead on Copper (and Paige too, I’m sure) but it works fine and I believe strongly in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Plus, while I’d like to buy some new tack, girths are kinda boring to buy. Or cinches. Since we’re western and all.
  • I bought a new saddle pad on eBay last year too. I don’t think it has a brand. It’s turquoise and black/white. Nothing super special, but it does the job.
  • Headstall- I’ve had this headstall since Robin was started as a two year old. So it’s eleven years old. I really truly want to get a new headstall for everyday use (and another one to show in…), but I’m picky. I want a one ear with basket weave leather and a throatlatch. Cheap. I have one on my eBay that is everything, but without a throatlatch. It’s $26 with free shipping. So tempting. Meh.
  • O-ring snaffle. I’ve also had this forever/have had it so long that it’s origins are unknown. I have a snaffle with a slow twist that I was using on Paige, but I have just been using the o-ring on both of them this year.
  • Reins- I bought a set of white (lol…) woven reins on a FB tack for sale page last year. The lady who owned them lived locally and brought them to my office to sell them to me. I think I paid $8 for them? Not bad. They have the poppers of doom on the ends. These are beyond helpful with getting Paige on the trailer in a pinch.

One bridle, three ways:2015-04-08 18.34.032015-05-15 20.00.44

Also, blingy stirrups.

I think that’s everything. I don’t have any protective leg stuff. Copper did have SMB boots but mice decimated them. And they were from when he was young, so I don’t even know if they’d fit him anymore. I’m confident they wouldn’t have fit Paige. She has so much more bone than he does. And fat. Sorry Paige.

6 thoughts on “Hand Gallop Blog Hop-Every Day Tack Setup

    • No problem! I love a blog hop. Kind of like creative writing prompts from when I got my BA. 🙂 Also, I thought about detailing my hunter tack too, but then it certainly isn’t my every day set up. My friends use my hunter tack on my ponies more than I do now.

  1. Oh man idk how you use those metal stirrups, they always wack me in the shins and it hurts lol!!!

    I got a nice one ear head stall basket weave from Smartpak!

    I just bought a new cinch for Grayson 🙂 Molehair 🙂

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