Ride Recap: Lazy Thursday

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Second, I rode my Copperhorse last night. He was kinda lazy. And I can’t really say that I blame him. It has been super hot, then I drag him into the barn and make him carry me around the barn. He’s been super easy to get along with, even when I ask him to be more forward instead of just puttering where he’s comfortable jogging around like a pleasure horse. I’ve been riding so sparingly lately that I haven’t been pushing him hard when I ride. It has been more about maintaining his brain than conditioning for anything. I know the first time we haul to G’s for a lesson will kill both of us. We’re so out of shape.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: Lazy Thursday

We are lazy and we are out of shape.

In that vein, Copper was NQR yesterday (and when I brought him in on the 17th. As I mentioned earlier, he was weird in his hind end on the 17th, and it was kind of like he was tying up, but not really? I’ve been pondering that a) something is wonky/sore/out with his croup/hip/back region (yes, this is vague, but I’m certainly no lameness specialist) or b) his topline is weak and he can’t sustain his strength at every moment throughout our rides. The last one seems unlikely since he’s in pretty decent shape. His topline lacks visually, but looks better than it did last summer when he was toting me around for longer durations of time. His lameness last night didn’t present itself except when I was riding, and it was so occasional that I didn’t worry with it much. It didn’t feel like what it looked like on the 17th. It felt more like a bad step in his front end, whereas on the 17th it was more like he was completely reluctant to move forward, and once he did, he walked like something was in his butt…sorry…only way to describe…lol.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: Lazy Thursday

I can’t decide if this is an adorable headshot or if he looks like a mule because of his ears. haha.

The problem with Copper and lamenesses is that he’s a twerp for the vet and has to be sedated for any work to be done. Obviously tampering with his consciousness impacts his demonstration of soundness, so that is lovely. Game plan for now is to get A (who is coming in next weekend!!!) to help me pinpoint what I’m feeling. If it continues to present itself, the vet will be out to determine if Paige is pregnant the following week and we’ll go from there. What’s another vet bill anyways? *throws money into fire* I don’t really mind super much with Copper. He’s been a pretty low key guy as far as needing vet visits. If he sedates him for anything, I may go ahead and have him remove the chunk of whatever that is in Copper’s neck from 2012. We think it is a calcified splinter of some sort.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: Lazy Thursday

I’m still liking the roached look. His neck looks so nice.

He’s been so laid back lately despite being ridden so seldom. When A comes in next weekend, I anticipate that I’ll ride him outside. I’m pretty sure I would’ve crossed that bridge by now if I didn’t ride alone so often. I think he and I are both beyond bored with riding in the barn, and my inclination to include crossrails/ground poles was a fail with him. He smacks them with his hooves…which may have something to do with the wonky steps he took last night. ha. He did sidepass over one of the poles decently last night, then when I walked him up to do it again, he tried standing on the pole. It was very reminiscent of the time he pawed the mounting block and got it stuck on his leg. Apparently he is unable to use things the way they were intended. Must have new way to use all the things!

His lady friend hasn’t been in his field lately, but we spotted her walking around in my brother’s yard. Copper was amused.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: Lazy Thursday

This photographed horribly, but there’s a deer between the building and the bush as the base of the electric pole.

This weekend is supposed to be cool, which is much anticipated because Jason has been complaining that he doesn’t want to work on the wall until it cooled down some. It’s supposed to be cool and rainy all weekend, so I think He’s in trouble now. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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