Tuesday Randoms

My weekend was a little bit all over the place. It was so nice here, only in the seventies. It probably would’ve been a good weekend to ride, but it was also a good weekend to do barn chores and work in the yard, so riding didn’t happen.

We did manage to take down another chunk of the wall in the barn! Now we just have two 12′ walls left. One of them had the camper top sitting on it, so that complicated the removal. I listed the camper top on Craigslist/facebook for sale hoping someone would come get it so that we would be able to remove the wall without having to find another place to put it. Luckily someone called on Saturday, acted wishy washy since it was an hour from where they live, then called again yesterday to come get it. So they rolled in yesterday after I got off of work, put it on their truck, and left in less than 30 minutes. Now that it is out of the way, we have some lumber to move to be able to get behind the wall to take it down. Currently the barn is an absolute mess (though it is much cleaner than pictured below). I need to rake out the bay where the hay was so that I can ride through there now. There are a few boards that need nails pulled still, so I’ll hopefully get to that tonight. I need to roll the hay ring into the bay with the hay (note all the lovely hay!) and put the hay spear over there since we won’t be using it for a while. All of the boards that are circled are already free of nails and piled up in the corner ready to be reattached to the exterior wall. I also drew a heart around Chloe because she’s special. And she’s not doing super well. The farrier thinks she has foundered and just told me to watch her weight. The vet will be coming by soon, so I’m going to have him look at her too.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Tuesday Randoms

Anyone want a free bedliner?

My mom was out of town, so I spent some time at her house feeding and playing with her Copper (yes…she named her dog after my horse…lol). He’s a wild puppy, but so smart! She taught him how to sit and I’ve got him laying down on cue now. 🙂

A Soft Spot for Stars-Tuesday Randoms

I did a lot of rope pulling this weekend.

Also, my new boots came in! They fit okay, but are stiff as boards. I haven’t broken in a pair in 7 years, so I’d forgotten what to expect. My feet are going to hate me for a while I’m afraid.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Tuesday Randoms

In case you needed proof that I needed new boots…

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