Chore List-It Never Ends

As all farm owners know, there’s no end to the list of farm chores that have to happen to keep things working/looking right.

Jason was off last night, so I kidnapped him for barn chores. I have no media of what was accomplished, but here’s the list of things:

  • Moved round bale feeder into bay with hay
  • Removed the hay spear from the tractor, stored it with hay/round bale feeder
  • Brought two more rubber mats for the stalls to the barn
  • Used the drag to spread manure where the mares like to potty across the fence from Copper’s water
  • Put the drag away outside the field
  • Use the tractor to clean out the former hay bay-new riding area annex
  • Put the new water trough out in the mare’s field. I didn’t put water in it, but its been raining lots lately and I want them to drink the water in the 50 gallon so I can take it up the hill.
A Soft Spot for Stars-Chore List

Our resident farm pitty trying to eat the drag…

We still have a fair amount of things to do around the farm, as usual. Poor Jason.

  • Replace wonky fence post between Copper’s field and the mare field
  • Hang gate between the fields instead of tying it up…
  • Buy chain for the gates instead of using twine. Such rednecks.
  • Rebuild the wall on the exterior wall of the barn
  • Take down the last two 12′ sections of wall
  • Build new entry door on the corner
  • Electrical work
  • Find a place for all the spare lumber until the run ins are built

I’m dreading that last one. Moving spare lumber=spiders. Honestly, I’m not sure where to move it to. The lower hay barn is the best place to get things out of the way, but we also don’t want to move it around more than we have to. I’m thinking that corner may remain unrideable until after the run ins are constructed. it just makes more sense to move the lumber once-to the run ins.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Chore List

Robin, Paige, Lylah

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