SFTS Blog Hop! Heart Horse.

SFTS Blog Hop

Today seems like a good time for a blog hop so thanks to Jenn over at Stories from the Saddle for this one.

Do you currently have your “heart horse”? What makes a “heart horse” to you? If you don’t own a horse, have you ever leased a “heart horse”? 

I struggle with this a little. I’ve used the term “heart dog” about Sampson a lot. He’s just my baby, and I can’t imagine not having him with me. From that perspective, it’s hard to say “heart horse” just because I own three horses right now. I love Robin without question, and she and I have a unique relationship. We’ve “grown up together” in the truest sense of the phrase. But I wouldn’t call her my “heart horse.” Or would I? I really go back and forth on this.

Anyone who knows me and has talked to me about my horses knows that Copper holds a very special place in my heart. Yes, I was going to sell him last year…lol. But that was because I couldn’t see a productive future between the two of us. Do I see a productive future for myself and Robin? No. But I don’t really consider her completely wasted if she and I don’t do anything productive from this point in her life. Should I have pushed harder with her back in the day, yes. Robin isn’t so nice that its painful to watch her sit in the field and do nothing. She’s not going to be a fancy show horse, and the pony is just too neurotic to enjoyably trail ride. Personality wise, Robin is a star though. She’s just a sweetheart, but does that mean that she earns the title of heart horse? I’m not sure.

A Soft Spot for Stars-SFTS Blog Hop Heart Horse

Robin and I have been besties for a while.

Robin is always the first to walk up to you in the field, and I’ve wasted several hours of my life just leaning on her and playing with her mane or rubbing her itches. Maybe Robin is my “heart dog” too? We have always made jokes that she’s more of a dog…

I’m thinking that Copper is probably the closest thing I’ve had to a heart horse. I love all of my ponies, but there is something about this horse that it like a drug to me. He’s tall, very handsome, and you feel like a legitimate horse person being seen with him just because he has a presence. I know a lot of people own giant warmbloods that would make Copper look less impressive, but I’ve always felt such an immense pride leading him out of the trailer onto the horse show grounds.

Copper also has a huge personality, which generally manifests itself in mischievousness, but it is still endearing. Of course I find it obnoxious to have to refill water troughs after he flips them, and of course it gets old to find the herd in the wrong field because he decided to open a gate, but what can I say? He keeps me on my toes.

A Soft Spot for Stars-SFTS Blog Hop Heart Horse

Just a few differences…

There is a lot of emotional baggage with both Copper and Robin. I’ve had both of them since they were babies. They’ve been with me for a ton of life events, both good and bad. Looking back at having both of these horses in my life I can recall spending lots of thoughtful hours working through things that were bothering me, but with them at my side.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I sold Copper. A college was pretty interested in him as a show mount for one of their riding teams when he was at G’s last year, but I decided to take a lesson on him, just to see how he felt under saddle now that he was being mature. Thank goodness for that lesson and their hesitation on buying him, because after that lesson, I was pretty confident that he was so longer for sell.

Also, as a spoiler for next week’s blog content: Copper goes dressage.

A Soft Spot for Stars-SFTS Blog Hop Heart Horse

And yes, those are owls on the saddle pad. 🙂

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