Not Quite WW: New Boarder

I have a new boarder that I’d like to welcome. She doesn’t have a name yet. Her owner, H, has been bouncing ideas around with his fiance, Kricket’s owner. So far I’ve heard Onawa, Willow, Barbie, Harper, something related to chocolate, either Cocoa or Hershey, and a few others.

A Soft Spot for Stars -Not Quite WW: New Boarder

The chocolate reference makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Regardless, she’s a cute little Rocky Mountain horse that was sold as a 5 year old. We’re not 100% sure she’s five as she’s very petite. I don’t know a lot about the breed, so her frame could be normal. She reminds me a lot of two year old Copper though. Mainly because she’s got a narrow chest and big ears. Love ya Copper, but you weren’t always so gorgeous. Mama waited on those looks. 😉

Speaking of Copper, he was turned out with the mares yesterday evening since the fencers are likely replacing his back fence line today. (Yay for new fence!) Copper wasted no time in trying to catch the new filly, which is ironic, because we can’t catch her either! I don’t worry about Copper hurting her, he’s just curious, and likes any excuse to run. Paige was not thrilled with the arrangement though, as she has determined that the new horse is her baby or something. She’s super attached to her.

A Soft Spot for Stars -Not Quite WW: New Boarder

Paige says that the baby is hers. Copper runs back to Robin for protection.

A Soft Spot for Stars -Not Quite WW: New Boarder

Paige being protective of the new filly.

We plan on taking advantage of her relationship with Paige this evening when we try to catch her. She has some pretty serious trust issues. When I walked around her in the barn on Monday after she was delivered, she followed me with her ear and gave me side eye. Yesterday her owners tried to catch her while I was at work, and struggled to touch her. The same was true for me last night when I spent a little time trying to catch her.

A Soft Spot for Stars -Not Quite WW: New Boarder

Left to right: Kricket, Robin, Copper, Paige, no-name filly.

We hope to use Paige to catch her. Maybe she’ll follow Paige into the barn? Maybe Copper will finally get a piece of her when we remove Paige from protective duty? Maybe I’ll ride Paige out to get her and be able to at least touch her from on top of Paige? I can see this working, but I can also see this being very tricky…hopefully Paige will remember that I’m in charge… 🙂

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