Ride Recap and Restoration Fundraiser

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good, it went too fast, as usual.

On Friday after I got off I hung around the house with the dogs for a little while before heading to the barn. I basically just wanted to check everyone’s water and put Copper back in his field since they had yet to get to the point of demo-ing his fence. After turning him out, I tried to convince the new boarder filly to be my friend. For some reason she found it amusing when I’d sing to her, so I inched forward while she listened to me sing. Yes, poor horse.

Filly says, really, must you?

The farrier is coming today to take care of her wonky feetsies, so hopefully she won’t be as sore on her heels. She has been improving on the lameness front, but until we get her feet sorted out, she’ll probably stay a little sore. She did let me scratch her neck once on Friday. She looked like she enjoyed it, then when I went to scratch her neck again she pinned her ears and walked away. I basically said whatever and left at that point. The horse trainer is me is not strong or motivated. haha.

On Saturday I had been thinking of having a yard sale, but I didn’t manage to get change before the bank closed on Friday. That turned out to be okay, because I slept in on Saturday instead. My mom and I had made plans to go to a neighboring county for a fundraiser. There is a foundation that is attempting to raise money in order to restore an octagon shaped pre-Civil War home. It is very unique and interesting, but in really bad shape. Mom and I have seen lots of old houses, but this is the worse one I’ve ever seen that someone intends to rehab. The main beam under the center of the house has rotted and fallen towards the back of the house. The floor joists are held up with random chunks of stumps and rocks that were found around the property, so many of them have also fallen.

2015-07-18 14.18.48

The most plaster left anywhere that we could see from downstairs.

The main living area of the house. Note the detail on the plaster. The “blocks” painted on the plaster are supposedly original to the house…I don’t know how I feel about that…

Between the damage to the home and the location, I’m not sure what their game plan is. It isn’t very close to a main road to attract tourists, and it isn’t on some sprawling acreage to make it an event venue or wedding hot spot. Do I want to see it restored? Sure! Do I think it is a project I would take on? Nooooo. There was some nice woodwork left. All of the windows were cased in with panels and the trim was still on several door frames. So that was encouraging. The weather had definitely impacted the window casings though.

Window casings

Door trim

When I got home, I took a nap. Yes, I slept in and took a nap on Saturday. It was crazy hot, and the tour kind of drained me. When I woke up, I went ahead and went to the barn. It was still muggy out, but not super hot, so I pulled Paige into the barn and then wimped out on saddling her. (Can you tell I was lazy on Saturday?) I still wanted to ride, so I pulled out Logan’s old bareback pad and strapped it on her. I probably rode Logan as much in a bareback pad as I did in a saddle, something I haven’t done with another horse since him.

Most comfy pony ever.

Paige is shaped very differently from Logan. She doesn’t have six inches of wither sticking up in the front, so she’s much more comfortable. Paige is also very cushy since she’s certainly not a bony horse. 😉 The only other times I’ve ridden in the bareback pad over the last few years I was on Robin and my balance felt absolutely awful. I’m starting to think Robin may be to blame for that though because when I rode Paige out I figured I’d just meander around the field and we’d trot if we felt like it, but I wouldn’t ask her to canter. As I rode, I felt more comfortable on her bareback, and Kricket was follow-chasing us everywhere. Mares and their hormones… So basically I worked two horses on Saturday instead of just Paige because I gave Paige subtle canter signals when Kricket was following us and both of them got some canter work in. I think I will be riding Paige in the bareback pad much more now. I felt like her canter feels much nicer without the saddle for some reason.

On Sunday I spent some time with Jason. He worked all weekend, so after he grilled us some steaks and some tomatoes for me, we watched a movie and hung out. After the movie, I picked Mom up and took her to the barn with me to play with the donkeys in the indoor while I cleaned their stall. The donkeys were sassy, and enjoyed their time to romp and roll in the dirt. They are losing weight and Chloe seems much less lame now. I’m still paranoid about putting them back on the grass though since all of the mares are still fat from the tiny amount of grass that they’re on. I really don’t want Chloe to get sore again.

Also, my hibiscus finally bloomed!

2015-07-19 15.15.22

5 thoughts on “Ride Recap and Restoration Fundraiser

  1. I love old houses, although I could never do that kind of restoration, and I love hibiscus. I found mine blooming and it was the highlight of my day!

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