Saint Paige

So several of my readers will be thrilled with me because I bought a helmet this week (prior to see Jen’s post about national helmet day and sales of course…). With that being said, here are some pictures of my brother riding Paige…without a helmet. Sorry…

Paige is obviously a saint. I’d already been on her myself for a few minutes before C decided that he wanted to ride. Of course C didn’t text me wanting to ride until I’l untacked her and turned her out, so I had to grab her and clothe her again. She didn’t care. A Soft Spot for Stars-Saint Paige

C hasn’t been on a horse since we were in high school. When we were growing up, I had Logan, and he had a Saddlebred mare named Kimmy. I need to do a post about Kimmy since she probably taught us more about balance and sitting a spook than any horse. 😉 Obviously the balance stuck with C because when he asked if he could ride Paige, he wasn’t the least bit worried about riding with a bareback pad instead of a saddle. He always preferred to ride without a saddle back in the day anyway, but I figured he’d want a saddle since he’s a) never been on Paige and b) he has not been on a horse in over seven years.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Saint Paige

As you can see, he didn’t struggle with his balance. He walk/trotted her all over the field and accidentally got in one stride of canter. Paige was certainly confused when he mounted up. He swung up instead of getting a leg up, but she stood for him well regardless. Of course, all Paige wants to do with a strange rider is stand still anyway. I like to think that it’s because she doesn’t know their skills/abilities and is testing them, but I’m confident the reality is that she’s a lazy mare. 😉 After convincing C to ride assertively like he knew what he was doing, she finally started to listen to him. She certainly isn’t going to carry you around at any rate of speed without a lot of convincing.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Saint PaigePaige has had several different riders in the last week or so. This mare really missed her calling with being a lesson horse. She’s so quiet that anyone can ride her (or sit on her if they can’t convince her to walk forward…). I’ve had little kids on her, beginner riders, myself, L, and C. L even doubled on her with her son in the barn and managed to get her to canter. Once again, Saint Paige.

And just because it’s Friday, lets have a Flashback Friday picture in here too since it is relevant.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Saint Paige

My and C’s first horses, Logan and Kimmy.

Yes, Logan is skinny. Such were the ways of the 20+ year old ASB that was starved prior to our getting him. I may do a post about Kimmy next week since I brought her up.

I’ll also do a post about my helmet once it arrives. I also need to do reviews on a couple things. Plus, there may be some interesting news coming up…we’ll have to wait and see…

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