Yard Sales, Yard Sales Everywhere

I’ve been failing at this blogging thing here lately. Mainly I haven’t been taking any pictures of anything I’ve been doing.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Yard Sales, Yard Sales Everywhere

Uninspiring field shot of Copper and Blondie

I took a nap on Friday, then went to the barn briefly. I basically just made sure all the ponies were intact and had water.

On Saturday, it was the 100 mile yard sale. We didn’t do all 100 miles. I honestly don’t know how many miles we did, but I was zapped after all the yard sales. My phone tracked that I walked something like five and a half miles, which is funny since half of the time I left my phone in the car. Now I’m regretting leaving it in the car because it would’ve been interesting to see how much I actually walked. Mom and Grandma are the type that get out of the car for every single yard sale. I’m more of the type that loses inspiration to keep walking in the heat if they don’t look appealing. Basically the last fifteen yard sales would’ve needed to have a dressage saddle in plain view, or a hoard of turquoise things. One thing I am kind of looking for and a bunch of other things that I can’t resist, pretty much. I’m quicker about walking through yard sales than my mom and grandma anyway. Generally I’m back in the car while they’re still looking. Anyway…on to my yard sale finds this week (I’m not sure how I haven’t done a post about this before…). In order of importance:

  • Two things (25 cents each) of Avon fingernail polish (still in the boxes, the lady was an Avon dealer)- these I’m not sure about. I painted my nails with one of them (Lagoon Blue) and could not get two of the nails to dry. Even the ones that dried didn’t stay in good shape for a 10 minute barn run.
  • Avon loose eyeshadow (50 cents). I’ve never had loose eyeshadow. My make-up collection isn’t even worthy of being called a collection really. Anyway, this is decent stuff. The color is pixie dust and it is basically a blue tinted glittery eyeshadow.
  • Alligator dog toy for Ariel. ($2 new). This toy has a rope inside of it, which thought may make it more durable. I was wrong. She’s chewed the tail and jaw of the alligator off almost. She likes carrying stuffed things around, so I thought she’d like this. I was right about that.
  • Four tension rods ($3 for all) for the craft room curtains that I’ve yet to sew…but now I have the rods and the fabric. Progress?
  • Horse bowl. ($1) Clear glass bowl with hunters (the type that actually hunt things) jumping around it. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but it is pretty.
  • The big buy. ($50). This is my favorite purchase of the day. I’ve been wanting outdoor furniture for the yard, but I wasn’t particularly wanting a bar set. Thankfully I didn’t think about it long. I sat in one of the chairs and determined that they were comfy and I asked the woman to hold it with $20 until Jason and I could come get it with the truck and I’d pay her the other $30. While I’m sure she was skeptical, she went for it. Basically she was tired of keeping it out of the weather in winter, etc. She ended up moving it to the back of her yard because so many people asked about it despite the SOLD sign that was clearly hanging on it. It has a glass top, wicker front and two armed bar height chairs with it. Easily worth $50.
A Soft Spot for Stars-Yard Sales, Yard Sales Everywhere

Bar set at the far side of the pool.

After the yard sales, I checked on the horses, then my brother and his wife came over for dinner and his wife got in the pool with me. Don’t judge my kiddie pool. haha.

On Sunday, I had lunch with my grandparents, then followed them home to borrow a saw. I’m so lucky to have such supportive grandparents. With the saw in my possession, I met Jason at the barn and he and I put up 12′ of the wall that we took down, only on the exterior wall of the barn instead. I’m kind of holding off on progress pictures to instead do a final reveal…which is all well and good, but patience isn’t my thing. I don’t have a picture of our 12′ of progress though, so you’ll just have to be patient with me. 🙂

I’ll leave you with this example of SWVA marketing. The signs read: “HELP! Please save us from the skillet! and Rabbits $25 each. Buy or Fry!” Despite their grim marketing techniques, they at least seem to value his quality of life (maybe?) because they put a big bucket of ice in the pen as an attempt to keep him cool, which is a first that I’ve noted around here.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Yard Sales, Yard Sales EverywhereI didn’t save/buy the rabbit. I’d have a ridiculous amount of rabbits and no money if I attempted to purchase every rabbit in the area that people threatened to eat. Plus, I already have a ridiculous amount of wild rabbits on the farm. No lie. Some nights I see as many as eight in the driveway when I’m leaving.

2 thoughts on “Yard Sales, Yard Sales Everywhere

    • Yeah, yard sales kind of have a culture all their own. I have some stuff for a yard sale, but the more I keep thinking about it, the more I feel like just donating all of it. 😉

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