Maybe My Helmet Fits? Plus Appys on Obstacles

After yesterday’s blog about helmets, I did some reading on helmet fitting. Apparently helmets are supposed to start out “snug” and will break in a little over time. It also mentioned that you should wear a helmet for 10 minutes or so before determining if it is too small. After reading this, I went home and gave the low profile Dakota another shot. I wore it around the house for ten/fifteen minutes. During this time I noticed that the screw cover/snap/protrusion was not digging into my head really. It was only noticeable when I first put the helmet on. The longer I wore the helmet, the less I noticed the helmet at all. After arguing with myself for a while, I decided to get another opinion, but first, some news.

A, the A who visited a couple weeks ago and played dressage with me and Copper, moved to town and in with a friend of ours, A. (Yes, the A’s are everywhere. if you watch Pretty Little Liars-I do-this is humorous, and I’m tempted to call one of them uber A.) She is only staying in the area for a month before moving to New Jersey for graduate school. She brought two horses with her, Copper’s half brother, Oliver, and Oliver’s son, Oberon. Oberon is sold to a lady in South Carolina (I think), but until a spot opens at her barn, he’s sticking around.

So I drove out to see A and meet Oberon last night. I’ve met Oliver on several occasions, but its always nice to see him too. 🙂 A liked my helmet a lot, and thinks that the fit will be fine. While I was there, A got Oliver and Oberon out to play with the obstacles in (other) A’s arena.

Oliver says that there must be mares somewhere…

Oberon on the bridge

You’ll have to pardon the quality of the pictures, my camera on my phone was not thrilled with the partially white horses moving in the dark.

Oliver on the pedestal.

Obi on the pedestal

Neither of these boys have been on obstacles. Oliver was very agreeable and went on them all willingly. Oberon gave A some skeptical side eye on occasion, but after thinking about it, he went ahead and did them.

Oliver on the teeter totter bridge

Obi on the teeter totter bridge.

We were surprised that neither of the two found it traumatizing that the “ground” moved when they stepped on the other side of the bridge.


It is pretty insane the height that Oliver’s babies have. Oberon is barely two and he’s a moose. He definitely has his warmblood mama’s head though. 🙂 Oliver has a tiny head with tiny little ears. Oliver really is a good minded studly, and his babies have been so nice. Paige will be hauled out this evening for some trail riding over the weekend. And she’s in heat. Soooo…we will see what happens… 🙂

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