Paige is Home and Farm Updates

Today is Monday for sure. My office is located beside one of the biggest meeting rooms on campus and there is an event of some sort in the room this morning. It isn’t an internal event, and these people aren’t particularly interested in my productivity today. Of course, I can’t shut my door because then students wouldn’t be able to find me, but good grief. The ladies registering people waver between tense whispering and shrill “oh my gosh, how have you been?!” Not amused. Not amused at all. I feel like I’m hosting a sorority event.

Anyway, things at the farm have been interesting. Paige is home from her week of…activities. More on that later this week possibly. I haven’t ridden Copper because a) I’m lazy and b) it is hot. Copper isn’t alarmed by the lack of riding, but he does seem a little attention starved currently.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

Hey lady, remember me?

Jason and I have been gradually working on the wall. It is such a simple project, but it either gets put off or interrupted often. Here is our progress before yesterday. We hung the first of the vertical boards yesterday afternoon, then I had a meeting I had to get to, so Jason and I stopped production for the day. It was beyond hot, so neither of us was disappointed.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

24′ of wall.

Things also got interesting behind the barn on Friday. We have been in the process of re-fencing the perimeter of the farm, which is excellent because so many of the boundaries were held together with super old fencing and bushes/trees. So now when I look at the perimeter of the farm, I’m like, where’s the fence? How do you find the fence without the line of trees growing in it. Now the unfortunate part of this is that we need to burn the giant piles of trees/fence posts/mess so that they aren’t all over the place. Yay fire. Not really.

Anyway, Friday. So the last stretch of fence was meant to run from the corner of the “middle field” (where all the fat ponies stay) to the foot of my driveway. The idea sounded like good preparation for one of my future goals, fencing off the driveway so nosy people can be gated out. Well, after some discussion about the purpose/usefulness of said fence, we decided to go a different route and fence in the triangle that joins the middle field to the property line. Once cleared, I’d have an additional small paddock. That was the plan, until they struck rock. Rocks everywhere. Big rocks loose from the ground, giant rocks submerged who knows how deep into the ground, etc.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

Less mess around the driveway now though…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

Hard to tell from these pictures, but I’m almost down in a level, circular area beside the middle field. Note that the land is on a variety of levels.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

Back near the property line that won’t be fenced now because of the rock ledge.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm Updates

HUGE tree. Easily one of the oldest on the farm.

So now I have a pretty interesting mess behind the barn, but we have more room to turn trailers around now. I just wish the ground were level, even with the rocks. I could figure out some way to use it if it were level. If it were level, I could have more of it cleared to have trailer parking room and still have the room to turn trailers around. Currently it is a little tight to park my trailer near the barn and have room for others to turn around, which isn’t a problem 96% of the time, but that may change with added boarders in the future.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Paige is Home and Farm UpdatesSo any ideas on what to do with a partially wooded, rocky, hilly area without a fence? Yeah, me either…

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