Ride Recap: How to Match Race

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I’ll be revealing two surprises, one next Monday, and one on the following Monday. Prepare yourselves…

In the mean time, L and R came over to ride last night. R seldom actually rides my horses since he generally has work to do while L and I ride, plus he thinks all of my horses are intolerably slow. Last night we basically goofed off most of the time. L originally intended on riding Robin, but Robin had literally the tiniest bug bite or something on her spine and when L was grooming she acted like it was going to kill her. Have I ever mentioned how melodramatic Robin is about bugs? The crazy mare will lay down and roll with you if she feels a bug swarming her. She’ll kick into the air a couple times first as a warning to bail off, but then you’ll be one with the ground. It is just a weird quirk, but it isn’t something worth fighting her over really. I agree with her distaste of bugs for sure. Anyway, L saw Robin do her run and roll, then frailing around at the trot after a horse fly swarmed her yesterday as well, so she knows how that game works now…ha.

So L put Robin back out and grabbed Kricket, one of my boarder horses. I generally don’t find Tennessee walking horses attractive, but Kricket is the exception. L and I always marvel at how pretty she is. She just looks so regal with her flowing black mane and forelock and doesn’t have a TWH head. Kricket isn’t just pretty though, she’s a pretty solid little riding horse. L and I have pulled her in a handful of time when Robin either has a scuff or only have 3 brain cells firing (there are some times when Robin is kind of not the horse you want to ride in wide open spaces).

Anyway, we were just planning on a nice, low key ride around the field. The weather was literally perfect and after 730 or so almost the entire field is shaded. I considered grabbing Copper, but since I haven’t been on him in a couple of weeks (shame on me…) I felt like Paige was the better choice for the evening. I need to pull Copper in and school in the barn before riding in the field and there were things in the way in the barn that made riding in the field much more desirable. A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: How to Match RaceWe rode around independently for a while. L convinced Kricket to canter, which isn’t the easiest of tasks. After a while, I asked L if she wanted to have a horse race. Because that is what responsible 20-somethings do on Thursday nights, duh. There is a huge amount of irony in this question though because my only memory of L from the lesson barn when we were kids was that she challenged my brother to a match race (she was on her Arab gelding and my brother on Kimmy the ASB) and my brother fell off. Spoiler alert, no one came off last night.

So, how to match race, in pictures (or awful screenshots…):

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: How to Match Race

Start at the lump of dirt with the weed growing out of it.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: How to Match Race

If the opportunity presents itself, cheat—errr forget to steer your mare around the turn…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: How to Match Race

Enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair as you are in the last stretch.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Ride Recap: How to Match Race

Drop to a walk before the formal finish line (you know, the two trees in the fence line…)

L has been threatening a rematch with one of her horses, so I anticipate Paige and I will be in the back next time. Walking horses just aren’t race ponies. R then told me to “canter a circle around the barrel.” The barrel was Robin. The circle was much more like a tear drop. So then R decided to try his hand at cantering Paige around the “barrel.” He made a teardrop too, so L got on her and showed us how it was done. Of course, she cantered circles around Robin and Paige thought she was dying. So much cantering. 

After making the mares trot the “race track,” we brought them in and gave Paige a couple pieces of candy. Kricket refuses to eat candy so Paige got hers as well. Paige is definitely willing to canter circles for candy. 😉

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