Donkey Introductions

So last week I was browsing the SWVA Farm Sale Page on Facebook. If you’re familiar with these types of pages, you know that you see lots of animals in need of rescue for sale. Generally I hold back. Do I need a six year old stud who is “friendly, but green?” Nope. That “green broke” horse may not lead even. I like the idea of saving animals, but there are reasonable limits to put on oneself.

My reasonable limits? I can haz stud donkey, but not stud horse. Perfect sense, no? Of course, the “stud donkey” is all of 29.5 inches tall, which my brain estimated to be around Emma’s size. Wrong. He’s petite. And adorable. And kinda loud.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Donkey Introductions

A Soft Spot for Stars-Donkey IntroductionsThe game plan was that we would have baby donkeys next year…now due to his size, I’m not confident of the er…logistics…of said endeavor. We’ll see how ambitious he is. He hasn’t been giving the girls much peace. He stalks them everywhere and they run from him. They need the exercise though, so I’m not super worried about it at this point.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Donkey IntroductionsHe’s pretty cute though. I haven’t had many opportunities to do things with him since he apparently came with rain or does a rain dance. He arrived in the rain on Friday evening and it has rained every evening since.

As far as names go, Jason wanted me to name him Nink after the defensive-something-or-other on the Patriots. I liked it, and would have gone with it, but it has been a little annoying explaining to everyone that I said Nink not Mink. I was mulling over chocolate related names when my brother suggested Russell for Russell Stover. Since the girls are Emma and Chloe, I was hoping for a people name anyway. So I’ve been referring to him as Russell lately.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Donkey IntroductionsHopefully he’ll be able to get the girls bred. If not, I’ll consider having him gelded or possibly finding him a new home. He’s a sweet little guy and has a very similar personality to the girls in that he likes to lean on you to get pets. Gotta love friendly donks!

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