The Elusive Baby Horse: The REAL Final Chapter

So I’d hoped to have a big announcement for the blog this week. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a picture of Paige with a caption that she was (yet again) not pregnant. Well, I was obviously hoping that she’d be pregnant this go around, and from how things went, I’m really not sure why she isn’t. Except that I obviously have zero luck with all this.

A Soft Spot for Stars-The Elusive Baby Horse: The REAL Final Chapter

Paige says that Blondie is her baby.

You see, I didn’t order a third shipment from California again. My wonderful friend, A, (who is moving into her grad school dorm today! Good luck!) recently purchased a stallion. This stallion is athletic, handsome, easy to get along with, and has nice babies on the ground, some even under saddle. Who is he you ask? Copper’s half brother, Oliver!

A Soft Spot for Stars-The Elusive Baby Horse: The REAL Final Chapter

Fancy Oliver

We figured the cross had the potential to produce a nice western dressage horse. Of course, it also offered the potential for a very late season halter baby since a high percentage of their pedigrees feature halter horses. And the baby would possibly have spots. That was an exciting possibility as well.

So Paige went to stay where Oliver and A were living for the month. Oliver thought she was A++ immediately and thought about climbing the stall wall to get to her. So we relocated Paige somewhere that wouldn’t jeopardize Oliver’s sanity safety. Once Paige came in heat, she and Oliver met for romantic moments twice a day. For a week.

A Soft Spot for Stars-The Elusive Baby Horse: The REAL Final Chapter

Lots of pony snuggles were had.

So Paige and Oliver had a good time for a solid week and there is no baby to show for it. A and I were both super discouraged. Of course I’m now paranoid that something is wrong with Paige reproductively. My vet checked her out before we started the process and said everything looked fine, so who knows. (Not that it matters, I’m pretty much completely done with breeding horses. She can be barren now if she wants.)

So now I have some fun vet bills to pay and still no baby. I’ve toyed with the idea of adopting a foal (or two) from Last Chance Corral in the spring. I almost feel like I’ll be hostile towards anyone posting new foal pictures on facebook if I don’t have a baby of my own. Of course there is the whole, you have to feed the orphan nurse mare foal frequently bit. I’ll have to do some research and find out if I even have time to commit to that. Maybe I’ll just buy a weanling. Or I’ll be content with the sane, manageable adult horses that I have. I’ll get back to you on that.

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