On The Farm Photo Dump

After I left work yesterday, Jason and I went to the farm to move the tractor to the big field (also known as the rest of the farm) so that he can bush hog it. We decided that bush hogging was the first step in prepping it for horses. The second step is filling in groundhog holes/the slaughter of any remaining groundhogs. Sorry groundhog lovers out there, but I prefer not to have oodles of holes in my pastures.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

Prettiest weed ever, am I right?

So I did what every natural bush hogging companion does and walked in front of the tractor to take pictures look out for debris. Okay, so I did look out for debris after the bush hog grabbed a hunk of the old fence that was no longer attached to posts and was strewn in the midst of some high grass. Thanks cows.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

We basically own every thing you can see to the right of the tractor.

It is weird thinking of having horses all the way out where these pictures were taken because for the majority of my life this land has been Dad’s cow field and hay field. There will be some logistics to work out with the bulk of the land. Luckily there is a stream running through the section that is the furthest from the barn so watering it will be less complicated. There is a lot of field between that natural water and what I have access to at the barn now. Keep in mind that my barn currently uses the same well as my brother’s house. That’s not a long term situation, so eventually I’ll have to figure that out.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

The sky was super pretty yesterday.

I decided that we needed to take a selfie of our first official work beginning on the farm (or the part of the farm I haven’t been already using).

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

The new fence is so nice. There are a couple of places where they joined two rolls of wire and left 6-8″ strands of wire sticking out in some dangerous ways, but its nothing that a few minutes with some fencing pliers won’t fix. Finding things like that is why we’re walking/riding around the field before putting horses out on it.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

After doing a lap around the farm with Jason, he dropped me off back by the barn. The donkeys were up around the gate, and Emma and Russell were sharing a short-lived sweet moment. The girls just haven’t adjusted to him yet. Chloe was in heat this weekend and alternated between hating him and allowing him to attempt to breed her. I say attempt because Chloe is so much bigger than him. I’m not sure if she’ll get pregnant. I feel bad for him, and then I don’t. Chloe kicks the fire out of him, but he just runs back to her. He was thinking with the wrong brain this weekend for sure.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

Also, Blondie must think that she is a donkey. She’s been spending a lot of time with them lately for some reason. Putting Robin out with Copper temporarily has the herd dynamic all screwed up. Paige and Kricket are acting like friends. It’s weird. A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

Jason kept bush hogging a bit after dropping me off so I decided to take Paige to the barn with me to tack her up so I could ride while filling up Robin and Copper’s water trough (the hose has to stretch a long way, so it takes forever). I lead her around without a halter by holding her jaw often, but she wasn’t interested in going into the barn today. I got her in the barn, released her to open the gate and she spun and ran off. Ugh.

So I turned the water on, grabbed a bareback pad and her bridle and caught her in the field with tack. She just watched me walk up to her and didn’t bother trying to get away. After bridling her and putting the bareback pad on her, I led her to the lump of dirt on the other side of the field and wallowed my way onto her back. Paige really puts up with a lot from me. She’d make a great kids horse-so tolerant of random stuff.

When R rode her a couple weeks ago she kind of told him “lol no” when he asked her to canter on the right lead. To be perfectly honest I haven’t been focusing super lots on her leads out in the field, we’ve just been cantering around. There’s so much structure in Paige’s life…. So when I rode her last night, I actually rode instead of just poking around and asked her to canter on the correct leads. She got the wrong lead the first time, but after I made a thing out of it, she did what she always does and gave up and did as she was told. Have I mentioned how much I love this horse?

Jason drove the tractor up the hill and saw that I was riding and kept bush hogging, waiting on me to get off. I was still waiting on the water trough to fill, which was going even more slowly since Copper and Robin were so enthusiastic about water.

A Soft Spot for Stars-On The Farm Photo Dump

They were thirsting to death you guys.

Paige scrubbed her head on her legs and unfastened my left rein AGAIN. I guess I’m going to have to give in and put leather reins on my bridle instead of using the woven ones with the leather poppers. Which means I need to buy some leather ties, because I totally cut one set off of a bridle because the ties were so brittle anyway. I think I have two or three sets of leather reins…one set is bound to have leather ties in good condition, right? I’ve been using these woven reins for the past couple of years since I bought them off of a fb tack for sale page. I think I’ve definitely gotten my $8 of use out of them.

Jason is going back to the farm this morning to do some more bush hogging on the rest of the farm. If nothing else, the fields will look nice until we start using them. 🙂

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