Weekend Photo Dump

This was a good weekend. I got to see a lot of my family. I started my Saturday with donuts from the farmer’s market here in town. It was the last Saturday of the year for donuts, so I didn’t hesitate to get two.

2015-08-29 09.42.23

After I went to the farmer’s market, I went to the farm briefly to give my brother the keys to my truck and to meet with an antique collector who is interested in buying some pieces from us. He brought me some nice tomatoes, so I was pretty excited about that since Mom has mainly given me small ones from her garden. Bigger tomatoes are great to grill and stuff with things. I’ve grilled a few small ones, but mainly I’ve chopped them up to put on pizza. I’m going to miss tomato season.

After speaking with the antique collector, I went home and decided to hang a couple of medallions with birds on them that I bought a couple weeks back. I bought them intending to hang them in the front by my front door, then I realized that with my front door being a bright color with a wreath, it may be too much. I then had a “duh” moment and realized that where they were really needed (needed being up for debate…) was by my side door. You can also see this door from the road. This door is white and one of the ones with blinds inside the glass, so I don’t hang wreaths on it. Of course, when I began to hang them, I realized how gross dirty the sides of my house are. If I’m being honest, I’d noticed it before, but distracted myself with the task of cleaning almost anything else. Well, if I wanted to hang the medallions up, I needed to clean the wall. A big splatter of bird poo near where they were to be hung sealed the deal. So after sponge washing as much of the front and side of the house as I could reach, I hung the medallions.

2015-08-29 18.54.41

After hanging those, I went to a flea market with my mom, where I only bought dog treats from a rescue booth. We then went to see my grandparents, which was nice. After Mom dropped me off, I went to the barn. Blondie still thinks she is a donkey. She’s getting more curious about people, but still walks away when I attempt to touch her. There is some fear involved in her aversion to people, but there is an underlying stubbornness as well.

Russell closest to me, then Blondie, Emma and Chloe

Russell loves giving snuggles.

Russell’s eye was swollen shut when I brought a friend to meet him on Friday, so I gave him some bute Friday evening. I think one of my lady donks kicked him and hit his eye. The eyeball itself looked fine, and by Saturday morning the swelling was completely gone. Yay for bute!

After hanging out scratching on Russell for a while (I feel bad for him because the girls push him away), I went down to see how the bulldozer guy was progressing with the old fenceline. This fenceline previously separated my Dad’s hay field from where he kept his cows. This stretch of fence was infamous for being insecure and was composed of more trees/weeds/scrubs than fencing wire and posts. Now it looks kind of like an orchard. We told him to leave any trees with trunks bigger than a foot in diameter. So now I have a bizarre fruitless orchard. Au natural pole bending anyone?

2015-08-29 19.43.31

Anyone want to play cross country?

He’s a little more than halfway done I think. It really looks nice down there, and will look much better once we get grass growing back where the fence line once was. I then went home and stuffed some tomatoes for dinner. Jason was working, which is ideal since he doesn’t like tomatoes. Luckily the stuffed tomatoes can be made in any size batch fairly easily. I put a mixture of breadcrumbs, feta cheese, bacon and olive oil in mine and they were good. Some mozzarella cheese probably would’ve been better since it gets more melty and gooey.

This picture is from Friday night, but they were this cute on Sunday too.

On Sunday I wasn’t nearly so productive. I got up late, watched tv, and hung out with the dogs. After Jason left for work I went to the barn. I wanted to go out and look at the bonfire remains to make sure that Robin and Copper haven’t messed with them. I’ve been checking the horses daily, and haven’t noticed them in the pile, but I wanted to see the pile again myself regardless. I’d been toying with the idea of riding Paige on the farm to check fence lines, etc. so I figured this would be good practice. She hasn’t been out in this field (since it is loaded with grass and she’s my fluffiest mare) all summer, so I was curious to see how she’d react. I took care to put my helmet on before heading out, then I tacked her up and lead her to the field. Kricket followed closely as if we were going to let her out in the field with all the grass. Lolz. Sorry fat mares.

Paige, as usual, was her well behaved and sane self. She didn’t even look interested in the fact that I was leading her into a different field to get on, she was just giving me resting mare face.

New fence and powerlines.

Copper was momentarily interested in Paige and followed her briefly, then he remembered that there was grass.

I didn’t bother to put my spurs on since she’s been so much more responsive to me lately. When I first got her I didn’t ride her in spurs because spurs=scary. Then I took all of my lessons on Copper with spurs so I got over it. I let her be super lazy with me last year before I got to know her and realized she was trustworthy. Now that we’ve gotten to know one another I don’t need the spurs to motivate her as much. She’s realized that she should listen to me regardless.

We mainly walked and loped out in this field. The crest of the hill is a big flat spot, so we loped it a couple of times, and she really stretched out and seemed to enjoy herself. Considering that most of her lope work is on the sides of hills, I think she was relieved to just have to lope on flat ground. I still think my seat at the lope is better when I ride with the bareback pad though, which is annoying.

Once we get back from the beach, I plan to get my butt in gear with the trailer so that we can haul down to G’s for some lessons this fall. I’ve progressed in some ways (my confidence mainly…) and possibly fallen to the way side in others. I need lessons to continue progressing.

Best view ever.

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