Wait, Where’s Copper?

In case you’ve been wondering this, he’s still here. While the first half of the year was super Copper-centric, I’ve been doing more with Paige lately. She gains weight easily and needs the exercise more than he does. Plus when the new fence was being built Copper wasn’t able to be in his field, so for a few weeks he was in the mare pasture. The mare pasture is intentionally overgrazed to keep the ladies from gaining too much weight so he dropped a little when he was in their field. Compared to his weight loss from his teeth needing work last year this was nothing though. His topline lost some definition and his ribs were visible when trotting, so he didn’t need to spend any extra calories carrying me around.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, Where's Copper?

“Skinny” Copper when he wasn’t getting completely unlimited grass.

Since he’s been back out in his field the weight has been coming back on. He and Robin basically graze all day long. I’ve only seen them napping once in the last two weeks, otherwise they’re stuffing their faces with grass. He followed Paige for a while when I rode out in his field on Sunday, then got bored with it and starting grazing. I’m sure it had nothing to do with Paige’s sassy tail swish and picking up her hind leg…haha.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, Where's Copper?

Obviously gaining weight back. Look at that belly.

I mentioned that I tossed Robin out with him to graze. She was just a fuzz lighter than ideal, so I figured she could stand some grazing time. I never thought I’d see the day I have two mares on the property that hold weight more than Robin.

I do intend to start working with Copper more once I get back from the beach. We aren’t working towards anything currently so there isn’t a huge rush. I plan to haul both Copper and Paige to G’s for lessons when we go. I’ll likely be exhausted afterwards, but it’ll be worth it to get pointers with both of them.

His roach is growing out and driving me a little crazy. That will be fixed when I get back…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, Where's Copper?

Mohawk pony!

Kricket is not amused with the current herd situation. Robin is her bestie and they aren’t together. Add that to the fact that her bestie gets lots of grass and Kricket is just plain ill. The first two days Robin was out there, Kricket ran along the fence line shaking her hand in the way only an angry mare can. ha. Of course Robin could care less. She loves Copper and grass, so she’s as happy as she’s ever been.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, Where's Copper?

Robin is still being nice to Kricket though. She and Kricket were scratching each other’s withers across the fence last night being sweet. I think that’s why she’s the herd leader. Everyone just assumes she’s in charge because she’s been here the longest. She isn’t a mare that rules by force really. She can give an ugly face to put her minions back in order, but that’s about as bad as it gets. Otherwise she’s just everyone’s friend. (Robin for president in 2016? She seems like as good an option as some of the others…eek.)

Kricket will be super excited tonight. Since I’ll be away for a week at the beach, I’ll be letting the entire herd have free range of the far field (in addition to the mare field) with Copper and Robin. It will be easier to keep them watered if they’re all in the same field. The 100 gallon tank was full last night when I left. If it rains it fills it up. My brother lives right down the hill and can check it for me though, so it isn’t like they’ll be fending for themselves. L and R are also going to be driving out to look them over periodically to help with my peace of mind. Yay for friends and family helping out! 🙂

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