Wait, I Have A Blog?

So I’ve been silent since before I went to the beach. Mainly because this blog is for chronicling the horse life and the horse life hasn’t been the most exciting lately, which isn’t to say things aren’t good. Most of the time life with horses is best left unexciting I’ve learned. 😉

Jason and I went to the beach for Labor Day weekend and the following week and, as usual, it was amazing. We didn’t take the dogs this year (two dogs in my little car is a bit much, plus Sampson isn’t fond of the Florida heat), so we had complete free rein to be lazy. Last year when we went we were on more of a schedule with Sampson needing to go potty, etc. This year we slept as long as we felt like it, stayed on the beach without worrying about him destroying the bathroom in the condo, and packed a lot less into my tiny car for the trip.

This year was also different as it was the first time we’ve gone over Labor Day weekend. It was a little more “crowded” than usual. Our definition of crowded at this beach is that there are any people within a stones throw of our chairs. This year that was the case through Monday, but by Monday evening it was back to feeling like we had our own private beach.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

Our definition of crowded…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

Beach selfie. The sunset is behind us, I promise…

Jason and I took the selfie above after being in the car for about 15-17 hours. We did stop in Georgia on the way down to see my bestie who moved there in June. Any friend that is willing to meet me at 4am at an IHOP is obviously a friend forever. Once we got to the condo, we unloaded the car and went grocery shopping. We managed to get back in time for the remnants of a pretty sunset. There were fewer pretty sunsets this year than in years past since it was stormy/super cloudy for a couple days. It certainly didn’t ruin the trip though. Generally our little beach features calm water that has very few waves, but this week it was much more enthusiastic due to the weather.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

My new friend.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

We didn’t do a lot of exciting things while we were there. We did celebrate three years of marriage, which seems crazy. We mainly went swimming, watched tv, ate great food, and slept. I did mix it up a little this year by floating on a tube in the ocean. This was made more interesting by the post-storm waves. I may or may not have gotten bucked off of the tube in knee deep water a couple of times…

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

Here, have another sunset photo.

On the way home I scouted out tack stores in Ocala to stop at. Last year we stopped and I found a show pad for Copper and a sheet (that he’s yet to wear) for overnight shows. The only thing I’m searching for now is a single eared basket weave headstall, preferably with some nice hardware. I have a couple on eBay that I’m watching, but they lack any sort of bling, which isn’t the end of the world. but I’d like to be able to show in this headstall some without it looking super plain.

Well, that quest was unsuccessful despite going in three different tack stores. One of them was a super awesome consignment store. I’m fairly confident that I could’ve found a new hunt coat that fit, but I don’t really have the budget for English things right now, plus none of the colors interested me. The coats were mostly black and navy. Meh. The consignment store had an impressive room of used saddles, including several drool worthy dressage saddles. The only thing I found in that store that was on the list of things that I need/want was a turquoise hat box for my cowboy hat. Jason asked for the price for me, but they said that I had to buy the Sean Ryon hat that goes in the box. Yeah, no. I didn’t even look at the hat, but I’m 100% it was more expensive than I wanted, plus my head is tiny, so the odds of it fitting me are slim, plus then I’d have two hats and one hat box. So we left the consignment store empty handed.

There was an excellent clearance rack at Tack Shack Too (Tack Shack of Ocala’s Western building) that was mostly hunter clothes. Once again, I’m sure I could’ve found something in it that would’ve been tempting, but still no budget/reason to purchase hunt seat clothes. Maybe next year. This tack store had the best selection of single eared headstalls. Two of them were super pretty, but not what I was looking for. One had a paisley fabric padded over the ear loop and down by the bit. If it hadn’t been $80 I may have gotten it just because pretty, but it matches none of my stuff and isn’t what I’m looking for. The other headstall had pretty hardware, but wasn’t basket weave. I know, I’m picky. This store also had a pretty pad (that would’ve matched nicely with the paisley headstall of course), but a whole new set of colors/show outfit isn’t in the game plan currently either.

The third tack store was one that I’d seen the signs for last year, but we were desperate to get on the road since we had Sampson with us. This time we stopped and it was a completely different experience than other tack stores I’ve been in. It was a much larger building than the other two, but housed the same amount of stuff. Most of the tack stores I’ve been in have been hard to navigate through because of the stuff piled everywhere, but this was the most organized/uncluttered tack store I’ve ever been in. Some prices were very reasonable (bits), but their saddles are either really expensive, or new Billy Cooks are even higher than I thought. I did make a purchase here. A big, pink Himalayan salt block. Not the most exciting purchase for me, but the herd thinks it was an excellent choice. A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

Note in the above picture that tiny Russell is the only one licking the salt. He kept chasing everyone away! Paige is smart and didn’t get in the middle of it and stayed in the barn with me, but Russell chased Robin, Copper and Kricket off when he felt like it. He generally let two others lick it with him, but any more than that and he brayed and scattered the group. When I got to the barn the next day, Russell was super three legged lame. My theory is that he was kicked in the shoulder by one of the horses. I gave him some bute and moved him and his girls into the small paddock so that he would’ve be walking as far on his leg to keep up with the girls. He was noticeable better the following day, so I gave him more bute and he was sound the next day. Crazy donkey.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Wait, I Have A Blog?

Russell, Emma and Chloe.

I’ve ridden once since we’ve been back and we worked on the wall in the barn some more. We’re so close to done. I’m really hoping to knock it out this weekend. My other goals for the year aren’t looking promising unless someone wants to come throw a run in shed up in the far field for me. I’m trying to save up for sand for the indoor but vet bills for Paige’s OB appointments have to come first. Maybe I’ll buy myself sand for Christmas?

6 thoughts on “Wait, I Have A Blog?

  1. Just an FYI…English show coats will almost always be black or navy blue. Granted, there are a few other color options (hunter green, charcoal gray, dark brown), but show coats will always be a dark color. Hunter coats are primarily navy blue, dressage coats are primarily black, and the jumper ring is the only place you might see more “fun” coat colors.

    • Mine at home is a darker beige with a light blue pinstripe. It’s just too small. I don’t do hunter jumper, more open shows and possibly an Appaloosa show. I feel like the beige looks better on Copper for some reason. Navy could work though I guess. 😉

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