Goals Update: AKA Why I Can’t Show This Fall

So fall is in the air. I’ve indulged in some pumpkin flavored baked goods and contemplated getting out my fall decorations, you know…the ones that weren’t already out before we even went to the beach…

Outside of pumpkin spiced things, the other temptation I’m struggling with this fall is that I want to go to horse shows. Apparently summer horse shows don’t appeal to me because of the heat, but I actually pick out classes for my pony on the fall show bills. The temptation is strong. I figured this would be a good time for a goals post to remind myself why I can’t show this fall. Womp womp.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Goals Update: AKA Why I Can't Show This Fall

So none of this.

Because these goals are unmet and still need me to throw money at them:

  • Run in shelter in far field
  • Sand in indoor

I basically just need to buy the sand. The barn has been enlarged as much as it is doing to until the run in is built. I have a big pile of lumber behind one 12′ section of the old wall that will hopefully be used for the run in. Buying metal is slowing me down on the run in part.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Goals Update: AKA Why I Can't Show This Fall

And no ribbons.

And because this goal made my money completely disappear:

  • Breeding Paige

I’ve basically come to the conclusion that breeding horses is for everyone but me. Plus I’ve been having so much fun with Paige that I’m starting to think that buying broke horses is truly the way to go. G always said that you can get a broke horse two ways, paying all at once for an already broke horse or putting a green horse in training and making payments on the end goal for several months while the horse is in training.

It is pretty frustrating to look back and see that one of my major goals-breeding Paige- was such a fail. I still went through all of the efforts to make it happen, so I “completed” the goal in a sense, but the end result wasn’t what I had hoped.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Goals Update: AKA Why I Can't Show This Fall

And no cute little trophies.

Some successful goals so far:

  • Healthy horses
  • Enlarging the riding area in the barn

Copper has picked up weight nicely now that his teeth are fixed. Hopefully he won’t require as much upkeep this winter, but I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on his weight so if he does start to drop we’ll catch it sooner rather than later.

Paige does still have a knot on her forehead from being kicked in the early spring, but my vet says that it isn’t anything to worry about, so I’m just bemoaning the fact that it makes taking headshots of her more complicated.

Enlarging the barn is an ongoing project that is *so close* to being done. I may do a full post on this later this week once I’ve remembered to take pictures. Taking pictures of a wall isn’t the easiest thing to remember for some reason.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Goals Update: AKA Why I Can't Show This Fall

Plenty of donkey snuggles though.

I have done some things that weren’t on the list…like buying Russell. Not part of the game plan. Trail riding Paige wasn’t on the agenda either, but that turned out super well.

A Soft Spot for Stars- Goals Update: AKA Why I Can't Show This Fall

And riding with friends, I’ve done some of that too. 🙂

Jason also bush hogged the entire 25 acres of the farm, so the place looks amazing currently. Plus the old fence line is gone so now that area looks like a peaceful little meadow. So we’ve seen progress, just not in the areas that we need to before winter. 😉

6 thoughts on “Goals Update: AKA Why I Can’t Show This Fall

  1. To give you a different perspective. . . I think I’d skip on shows if I could have the chance to have my own farm! That would be heavenly (and a lot of work and sweat). As a lifelong follower of Cubs baseball, the expression, “There’s always next year,” is thrown around a lot. Not fun to hear, but really is true. There will always be horse shows. Oh! And one other thing. Have you heard of some of the online shows? It’s big in England. Maybe that’s something you could do that would help you get your show fix and still be affordable. I can connect you to some sites if you’re interested. 🙂

    • I have heard of the online shows, I just haven’t put much thought into it. We are so lucky to have the farm for sure. Much rather have it than show all the time. 🙂

  2. So many equestrians LOVE foals and baby horses and dream of breeding. For some reason, I never got that itch. I’ll take a broke, trained horse over a baby any day.

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