Of Rain and Donkeys

Since my last post was a WW, you know, last week, I figure this Wednesday I should use some words. Words that describe the last week? Rain. Mud. Soggy donkeys. Muck boots. Not having to water. Green grass.

Soggy donks.

This has certainly not been our typical last week in September as far as weather is concerned. SWVA generally doesn’t get much rain between September and November really. There aren’t nearly as many clouds in the sky today but everything is still soaking wet. The mud at my barn is out of control, particularly in the horse field. The donks are in the little paddock and I felt sorry for them on Saturday and opened the third stall so that they could have a run in.

So I’ve basically spent all my barn time peering over into water troughs from the donkey field and walking up to eyeball the horses to verify that they’re alive, then leaving. I honestly don’t remember when I touched one of the horses last. I whistle for them and watch them trot in to verify that everyone is sound. I’ve been lucky that everyone is staying sound and uninjured despite the slippery terrain. It may have something to do with the fact that they’re inhaling the fresh grass and aren’t moving at any rate of speed.

Russell trying to be a glove thief.

The donkeys are loving the attention that comes with being in the small field by my entrance. The braying is frequent. We’ve never seen Chloe bray, it is always Emma and Russell. She tried to bray the other day when I left and it was adorable. Just had her mouth open and breathing heavy like the other two do when they’re getting ready to bray. Once she was interrupted by a yawn, and the second time she tried she saw something move in the trees and got distracted. Oh donkeys.

A rare break in the rain that allowed the donkeys to *almost* dry.

2015-09-28 18.08.08

The donkeys can be hard to take a picture of since they generally follow me super closely when I’m in their field. Note that Russell is in motion above… I’ve been very grateful for my birthday present that I’ve not used since my birthday-until this week that is.

2015-09-30 08.23.30

My muck boots are the Arctic ones, so they aren’t advised to be worn when the temperature is over 60 degrees. I haven’t gotten hot in them yet since the highs are in the 60’s. I don’t mind the 60’s if it would just not rain. The horse club in the county that has shows throughout the year even cancelled their fall show that was set for Saturday. Generally this club waits until basically the last minute to decide to cancel, but that’s how insane the rain has been-they cancelled it on Tuesday! There’s also been a lot of flooding down at Virginia Tech and Roanoke. I’m super glad my house is on the top of a hill. My barn will possibly flood this weekend. Generally it takes a heavy rain to flood it, and with the hurricane coming up the coast they’re predicting more steady rain. Yay…more rain…

2015-09-28 18.06.54

5 thoughts on “Of Rain and Donkeys

  1. I will take all of your rain. Just send it to CA.
    P.S. I reserve the right to then bitch and whine about rain when it rains here because even though I know we need it, I like to complain.

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