Post Surgery Pupdate

Sampson’s surgery went well. The vet said he handled the anesthesia well and woke up fine. He has pain chewables that he gets to take every 12 hours and I tricked him into eating the first one last night by tossing a piece of shredded chicken to him then the pill then more shredded chicken. He chewed and ate it before he realized that it wasn’t chicken. 😉

Here’s a photo progression of our day:

A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

On the way to the vet yesterday morning.

Sampson at the vet from 9am to 4pm. I went to work until lunch time, Jason worked on the driveway at the apartments and then we loaded this beauty and brought her home:

A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

My clothes are so organized now.

We went to the vet to pick Sampson up immediately after putting the chest in the bedroom. When he got in the car he immediately laid down in the back seat. Normally he stands and looks out the window, but he was kinda drunk on his surgery meds still. So he took advantage of the fact that I pulled his bed into the middle of the den and flopped on it as soon as he got in the house.

A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery PupdateThen he kicked back a little and looked around…he was still kind of dazed…A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate Being the ever considerate dog mother that I am, I told Jason that Sampson needed a pillow. A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

Obviously I was correct.

After watching Sampson lounge around for a while, I got up to put my clothes back in my dresser. We moved the smaller dresser to the guest room the night before, so all of my clothes were on the chairs in the front living room. Jason was cooking dinner (homemade crab rangoon and fried rice) so one of us would peer around the corner at Sampson periodically to make sure he wasn’t licking his stitches. Or “stitches.” He’s basically held together with water soluble glue currently. So licking isn’t an option. Cue the cone of shame. 
A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

He had a bit of a rough time navigating the house in it. Luckily he was still kind of drunk and thus much more tolerate than I expect he’ll be once the drugs have worn off. He caught it on the recliner, many door frames, the fence when he went outside to potty, the corner of the house when he went outside to potty, the countertops in the kitchen, and, of course, Ariel. A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery Pupdate

I’m not sure who had the worst day yesterday. Ariel was quite devastated to be left home alone and whined when we left her. She was a good girl and didn’t get into anything, which surprised me considering I had a laundry basket full of my socks and unmentionables in the bedroom that she could’ve gotten into. Thanks Ariel, we have enough vet bills from your brother, no need to eat my socks. A Soft Spot for Stars-Post Surgery PupdateAfter we finished cooking/putting clothes away, we took the cone off of Sampson and fed them dinner. He only got a half dinner and some shredded chicken with the pain pill. I got his favorite blanket out of the dryer to make his nest even more comfy and needless to say he enjoyed it. We were paranoid about him licking his incisions overnight, but didn’t want to make him sleep in the cone, so I dressed him in a long sleeved shirt of Jason’s to keep him from getting direct access to the areas. This morning I found Sampson in the same position that he fell asleep in, so hopefully he didn’t mess with anything.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement with Sampson’s surgery. We’re so glad it went so well, now we just have to wait on the lab results to see what was lurking in the lesions.

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