Thirty Before Thirty

Lately the frailty of life has been a bit too evident to me. Life can change so quickly that I may miss opportunities that I didn’t know I had. If you know me, you’re probably aware that my personality lends me to be a pretty go-with-the-flow, take-opportunities-as-they-come type of person. I can’t think of many times when I’ve actually initiated “events” in my life. If you invite me to do something (depending on what it is…) I’ll most likely go along. Will I plan and invite you to something? Ehhh, not as likely. It isn’t because I don’t like spending time with people, I just generally am bad at making time for people. I go to work, I go home, change clothes, go to the barn, go home, hang out with my dogs/husband, then do it all again the next day. While this makes for a perfectly good everyday routine, it does not an exciting life make.

A Soft Spot for Stars: Thirty Before Thirty

Here, have some pictures from a hike that R planned last week.

In an effort to change things up a bit, I’ve decided to adopt Lauren’s Thirty Before Thirty and to post it here to keep myself accountable. These things will not all be life changingly amazing. Some will actually bore some people because things that I find interesting/entertaining won’t appeal to everyone. #sorrynotsorry So without further ado, my 30 Before 30 List.

  1. Host a dinner party
  2. Go hiking more often
  3. Go trail riding more often, possibly to complete the New River Trail?
  4. Overnight trail ride
  5. Jump something?
  6. Drive the truck and trailer *gulp*
  7. Dressage show (Western or English)
  8. Have an artist draw my herd
  9. Travel somewhere internationally
  10. Go tubing/canoeing/kayaking
  11. Learn different braids
  12. Finish writing a book
  13. Contribute in some way (fostering, etc.) to horse rescue
  14. Visit ten new states (this will be daunting because I’ve done most of the east coast)
  15. Enter a photography contest
  16. Enter a writing contest
  17. Submit something for publication
  18. Show consistently enough to be qualified for a year end award
  19. Complete ten crafts (sewing,etc.) from my pinterest boards
  20. Learn more about web design/3D modeling, graphic design
  21. Ride in a clinic
  22. Commit to getting in better shape
  23. Bake and decorate a cake (that is edible…)
  24. Visit a friend out of state
  25. Take regular lessons
  26. Ride Paige bridleless
  27. Try some new art related hobby
  28. Walk the dogs more often/take them on hikes
  29. Host a holiday party (Halloween, Christmas, NYE)
  30. Plant a tree/plants at the barn

A Soft Spot for Stars: Thirty Before Thirty

I may change some of these if something strikes me that fits with the list better than some I pushed in to make thirty. It’s hard to come up with that many things off of the top of my head that are realistic and something I actually want to do. Hopefully the list is a good mix of non-horse related and horse related activities.

7 thoughts on “Thirty Before Thirty

  1. This is a great list! I really enjoyed my ’30 before 30′ and hope to make a similar list when I get a little bit more emotionally stable in the future 🙂

  2. I like your list! I have high hopes you will do a lot of that, and I have many of the same goals. Except I turn 30 pretty soon, so I think there is literally not enough time for me to do that many things haha.

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