Alive and Well

Believe it or not, all of us are alive and well here. I haven’t blogged since…before Thanksgiving? I really don’t know. Outside of feeding hay and filling up water troughs, I haven’t been doing lots of horse things.

Paige did hurl herself over a gate in the barn to avoid getting bitten by either Copper or Robin. I know it is one of those two because Paige isn’t particularly afraid of Kricket or Blondie. The gate suffered worse than Paige. Girlfriend is a tank.

2015-11-24 16.56.28

Ground tying calmly behind her destruction.

When she destroyed the gate she let everyone in the barn. When I got there they were calmly eating all the hay. They’d nosed around in the feed storage area of the cross ties and found the surprise inflatable cat that was tucked in a rubbermaid tote. Someone knocked the tote over and was startled when it popped out I assume since the area was otherwise untouched. Paige was sore on her hind legs for a bit, but seems better now. The extent of her visual injuries was a fingertip size little cut. So not bad.

2015-11-24 16.57.09

She’s not this cow hocked, I promise.

So after this debacle, we started feeding hay outside as well. So now there is only one bale kept in the barn, the other is outside at the mercies of hay wastage. Womp womp. Luckily the weather hasn’t been too bad so far this winter (jinxing myself as I type this I’m sure…) so most of the outdoor hay has been cleaned up well. I haven’t put a bale out when we’re expecting rain. Instead I go to the barn and toss piles out for everyone in the run in sections. It seems to be working, but Copper is the only one who I really worry about weight wise. Blondie looks really good. I’m glad her owners bought her when we still had a few months of grass to bulk her up. Getting her in the shape she was in at this time of year would’ve required graining her.

2015-11-25 14.48.54

The herd dynamic is funny. Kricket feels comfortable chasing Copper away from the hay, Paige chases Kricket away, and Copper chases Paige away, yet Copper can’t chase Kricket away? Oh horses. Blondie chases no one and Robin just glares and the herd parts in front of her. Blondie is oddly able to blend with her surroundings and sneak hay, which I assume is due to her size and that no one is remotely threatened by her. So I don’t really worry that she isn’t getting enough hay, but since Copper is a moose horse, he needs more food. I’m pretty sure he’s getting put in with the donkeys this weekend and I’ll be buying grain and starting his winter routine. Oh the fun of a super sized non-round horse. Everyone else is pretty round.

2015-11-26 16.05.35

That moment when you really want your horse to be pregnant, but she just has a hay belly.

I’m really hoping my vet missed something on Paige’s ultrasound this summer and she’s pregnant. I’m not holding my breath though because my luck very obviously is not strong where pregnant equines is concerned. I’ve cooled my jets on looking at baby horses online because I’ve found basically exactly what I want…only she’s already two and I have no money. I’m still stalking her owner on facebook so that I can be devastated when she sells. Luckily the owner doesn’t seem to be super great at marketing so maybe the stars will align in the spring? She’s basically a well bred Paige clone. Like by a different Hollywood Dun It son and out of a mare who is nice enough to have been bred to Wimpys Little Step, Rooster, Gunner, you know, kind of all of the top reining sires… So I’m crossing my fingers that no one grabs her before I can. Cause I totally need another horse. I know. Go ahead and judge me.

2015-12-03 17.39.20

Blondie’s stealth mode in action. Somehow not only eating by Copper, but shielding Paige from his wrath as well.

I also have the horse trailer for sale. A guy came and looked at it on Saturday, but I haven’t heard from him yet. Fingers crossed that someone buys it. I just think something lighter (and big enough for three horses) will be more suitable for my purposes in the future. Two of my best friends ride with me, and they’re engaged to each other, so it isn’t like I can invite one of them to go to a show/trail ride with me and just casually not invite the other.

That’s about all that is going on at the barn currently. I am regretting not buying more hay. I’m kind of worried I’ll run out. I was only intending on feeding four horses and the donks, not five, so this may be a curveball that costs me some money. It definitely makes me stand back and evaluate how much I want to board in the future. More horses=more hay=more work. I’m starting to wonder if I’m sacrificing my enjoyment of my horses in order to board and that is kind of scary.

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