Things As Of Late (Dog Version)

Thanks so much for all the support since we’ve lost Sampson. Also, apologies to those of you who cried after reading the post. My blogs normally auto-post on week days at 11AM, but I didn’t want it to post when people (mainly me if I’m being honest…) are at work.

Lately things have been both normal and different. The first two weeks without Sampson were rough. Like I mainly held myself together in front of people (with a couple of exceptions…yikes…) and tried to avoid thinking about him when alone. One of my coping mechanisms was to search for another dog because “Ariel was lonely.” Um. Maybe. More like I wanted something to cuddle. Ariel thinks my cuddles are oppressive, Sampson was my cuddle partner. So instead of adopting, we opted to foster for the rescue we adopted Sampson from. We like all of the people that we’ve interacted with from this rescue, and they’re very organized and professional with all the things, so when they mentioned that they had a merle that was living outdoors in SC, we signed on immediately.

Boomer is five years old, but you wouldn’t know it from meeting him. He LOVES to play. Tug of war with a rope is his favorite; he’s perplexed by squeaky toys and actually ran out of the room the first time we squeaked the stuffed dragon at him. Oh, and he’s 130lbs and underweight, so our dear friend Boomer is also basically huge. Try playing tug of war in the den with a 130lb dog who doesn’t know his size, it is great fun.

2016-01-23 14.20.53

He’s very handsome.

He’s a very handsome moose, and everyone on our FB thinks we need to keep him, that he’s meant for us, etc. We may be more prone to foster fail/adopt him if he’s with us for a long time before someone wants to adopt him, but right now, while I love him, I’m okay with the idea of someone else adopting him. He’s not a bad dog, he’s actually a lot of fun and very smart. My mom told me that I shouldn’t go get him since he looks so much like Sampson, and newsflash, in case you didn’t know it yet, your mother is always right. I don’t regret fostering him, but we aren’t ready to make a decision about adding another dog to our family right now. On top of that, Ariel acted like she liked him initially, but I think she was just happy to see another dog. Now that she realizes that he lives here, she is much less amused. She hasn’t showed any interest in playing with him or cuddling him, and he is a very dog oriented dog. He’d LOVE to play with the neighbors Great Pyrenees across the fence and he cuddled all the dogs in his temporary foster home before coming to live with us, so I think Boomer would prefer to live somewhere his fur siblings love him back.

2016-01-23 23.40.59

The closest they’ve been other than passing each other on their way to the yard. This is a power play by Ariel…she never lays on the floor on the dog bed when the couch is open. She took Boomer’s favorite bed and made him lay on the secondary one.

If you’re interested in adopting our dear friend Boomer, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone to get an application. He’s definitely going to make someone very happy!

I’ll post an update on horse things tomorrow. It mainly includes snow, and will soon include lots of mud. :/ Ugh. Mud.