2016 Goals

So I’d originally considered letting my 2015 goals stand until March since that would put them at a year old, then I realized I’d be perpetually behind by three months and also noted that if I carried over some of the 2015 goals to 2016, I’d likely be able to possibly cross some off sooner rather than later. I liked the sound of that, so here goes nothing:

Farm Goals

  • Run ins (carry over goal)
  • Footing (carry over goal)
  • Concrete tack room, make other tack room updates (enhanced lighting, storage, etc.)
  • Sell current trailer
    • If current trailer sells, begin the hunt for a lighter, 3 horse trailer.
  • Make necessary repairs to barn, including adding gutters.
  • Build fence in the giant pasture.
  • Clean up giant pasture-remove old demolished fence, trees and other horse hazards. Also fill groundhog holes.
2015-08-29 19.43.31

Really looking forward to having more field access.

Horse Goals

  • Ride more often when it is warm out. I’m really regretting slacking this fall now that it is so miserable out.
  • Shows
    • Show Paige or Copper at a western dressage show.
    • Try to attend more of the Glade Mountain shows.
  • Healthy horses (always a goal).
    • Get an equine chiropractor out to see Copper (and probably Paige since they’d already be there). I need to find someone who doesn’t terrify Copper…so you know, not a vet. So maybe a vet in street clothes…
  • Donkey babies. Cross your fingers. I have no idea if they’re pregnant. They’re too small to ultrasound and aren’t showing heat currently because it is winter. We’ll know more come spring.

More of this, but with friends would be better. 


Personal Goals

  • Read more often
  • Work toward 30 Before 30 (goal within a goal anyone?)
  • Become more fit/lose weight

As with last year, farm goals trump showing at this point in life. Since attempting to get Paige pregnant isn’t a bullet point this year, hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish more of these tangible farm goals (you know, the ones that cost money…). I hope to clean up the barn some soon and do a barn tour on here since I haven’t really done one before. The main reason that I have yet to post a lot of farm info is for the sake of privacy. As of January 15th, I will legally own the farm, so that is something that has been going on in the background that hasn’t made it to the blog. I’ll likely post more quasi vague internet safe things about the farm itself in the future. Mysterious…

2015-08-26 18.28.34

3 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. Western dressage is so much fun. I think you will enjoy it. I switched and don’t know if I will ever go back to regular dressage! Donkey babies are very exciting. They are so cute when they are so tiny.

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