Such Sweet Sorrow

If I’m being honest I already wrote one version of this post. It was all details and facts and it was written chronologically without the emotion that I can promise you I feel about it.

wp-1453005345207.jpegOn December 10th, Sampson was diagnosed with bone cancer. The night before his appointment, I just sensed that it wasn’t a normal limp that we were having looked at. For the past several nights he’d laid as close to me in the bed as possible, which is clingy even for him. It wasn’t the casual way he normally draped himself across me, but seemed more like he wanted to be held.

Christmas came and went and Sampson became increasingly uncomfortable moving around on his bad leg. Jason and I were fearful that he’d break the leg since the strength of the bone was compromised due to the tumor. Sampson had trouble sleeping through the night (NOT something he typically struggled with…) and would often whine until I let him in the bed with me. Needless to say, he generally didn’t whine twice once I was awake.

We had a month with him after his diagnosis. Our vet told us we had about two months with him initially, but that would’ve meant giving him some heavy drugs the second month that would’ve kept him from being himself, and that wasn’t something we really wanted. On January 9th we made the impossibly hard drive to the vet’s office to end Sampson’s suffering.

He’s buried at the farm in a peaceful spot (far from the donkeys he loathed) where deer graze during the day and nest down at night. Sampson was more than I ever dreamed he would be when we went to pick him up after a big snow storm three years ago. He truly captured the heart of everyone who got to know him and loved them back with everything he had. Rest in peace my sweet spotted son.


Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last three years with Sampson.

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10 thoughts on “Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. I should not have read this at work. Heart is breaking for you. As you know I just went through exactly the same situation with Rockie. He too only made it another month past his initial diagnosis. Bone cancer is such a terrible disease in dogs. Big hugs to you!!!

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