Oh hey blog.

I made one post in February. I’m sure I did noteworthy things in February. Maybe.

How ’bout a summary of all the things? Yes?

  • We’ve cleaned up on the farm some! R and L came up last weekend (and I was crazy sick) and helped us. Jason and R pushed brush piles together with the tractor while L and I scouted for groundhog holes to be filled. We filled about 80% of the holes, but we have more to go. L and I hammered in all the nails on the side of the hay barn that is exposed to the field so we don’t lose any horsey eyelids on the rusty projections. L was also feeling froggy and rode Paige out to get her used to the larger unexplored portion of the farm, and outside of a rogue bucking fit on the way back to the herd (moments after walking away from them…) she did fine. She was a little anxious out alone, but considering the circumstances, she was A++. Due to my lack of enthusiasm about life cold symptoms, I had zero interest in riding. L then pointed out how far I’d have to walk to get back to the barn otherwise and I found the motivation to mount. Paige walked steadily back to the herd and I stopped her at a tree to pick up some jackets that were discarded due to the beautiful weather (that I wasn’t enjoying due to the plague). She spent lots of quality time with the tractor running alongside her and was the chill mare we all know and love. There are limited photos of the day because I was dying, but the ones I did take were of Paige tied very loosely to a fence post on the opposite side of the farm. She may or may not have halter pulled once in a picture. 20160306_151511.jpg
  • Boomer got adopted! He moved down to NC at the end of February to live with his new mommy. Her boyfriend has a female dane and things are going well. 🙂


  • We got a puppy! We saw him on the yard sale page on facebook and cringed. It was one of those “the first person to show up gets him” type of ads. Scary much? So naturally I made sure we were the first people there to get him. His name is Dexter and he’s a miniature schnauzer. I know, I know…I’m a big dog person. But if I’m being honest here, Boomer made me think I was going insane. Not because he was a bad dog-but because he reminded me too much of Sampson. Needless to say, Dexter is not a visual reminder of Sampson in any way… Also Ariel always seems to feel threatened by bigger dogs, and guarded the couch/our bed a lot with Boomer, so we thought a small dog may lessen her defensiveness. We were right. If she’s hyper enough she even almost plays with the puppy. We’re trying to socialize him and get him used to going strange places so he’ll be easier to take places than Ariel is.
  • We had a fair amount of snow days! Actually I have more pictures than words for the rest of this post…

The donkeys don’t enjoy snow days.


Arie dog all snuggled up in her pjs on a snow day. 

  • I also (with MAJOR help from R) built my own computer. It even glows purple when turned on. 🙂


  • The horses are doing pretty good as a whole. Copper needs to gain weight (dentist will be out soon to hopefully remedy his wonky teeth and to check Paigey’s since she’s my go to riding horse) and Russell really needs to gain weight. I was a bad donk mom and didn’t realize his weight had dropped so much since he’s crazy floofy. The vet will be out soon to do his teeth and pull blood if his teeth aren’t the culprit to see if there’s something bad wrong with him. The lady donkeys are fat as always, so I don’t think it was that I was underfeeding the donkeys. The vet will also be looking at Paige when he visits. Not only is she crazy fat, but she’s bagging up somewhat with fluid in her udder. The word udder makes me think of cows. She’s definitely fat enough to be considered a cow… I’m not optimistic that she may be bred. Apparently eating clover will sometimes make them bag up and the hay I bought off of the neighbor guy has a lot of clover in it. 20160223_172517.jpg
  • Speaking of neighbor guy-he is amazing. I ran out of square bales and only had two round bales left. Cue the intense anxiety. So I fb’d his granddaughter for his phone number and called him to ask if I could buy some hay off of him. His place is right across the road from us and I can kind of see into his hay barn from the road, so I knew he had plenty of hay to make it through winter. He’s feeding it to cows, but my horses have historically loved his “cow hay” so I wasn’t worried about them not eating it. He gave me a great deal on 20 bales of hay, so I’ve been reserving my two round bales and plan to have the horses turned out on the big field to graze it down before it gets so rich that my fluffy mares have to come back to diet land.


    Paige says that diet is a 4 letter word…

  • So this weekend the herd will go out there to binge on old grass. Since Russell is so thin, he and his ladies will stay near the barn to be monitored more closely with hay from the round bales (and grain for him). The big field has brand new fence, but I’m paranoid about giving houdini Russell access to new escape points that I may be unaware of. He can fit through tiny holes that are unnoticeable until you actually hunt for them. The big field has a creek, so it will be interesting to see how my ponies adapt to the “wild” life. I do worry that we’ll never be able to lay hands on the new boarder mare again, but my guys should all come in when called, especially since I plan to keep Copper on his grain. I may give the mares a consolation handful to tempt them to come in in the future when called.
  • Paige also toted some first time riders this weekend. A came down from NJ on spring break and brought two of her friends along. I generally am kind of anxious about meeting new people, but I shouldn’t be when A is involved because she is a great judge of character. Despite having just met these two, we had a great afternoon and have big plans for them to come back this summer for a bonfire. Paige was a good sport about it all and behaved mostly (she did shove her face in a few piles of hay at inopportune times) and was stuffed full of peppermints for her efforts.

Hopefully I’ll be more active on this blog now that the days are longer and there are things coming up to post about. Expect a big post with lots of media when we let the horses out in the big pasture. I’m really hoping they’ll cut loose and be photogenic for a minute or two before inhaling grass like the piglets they are. Robin is the herd leader, and is generally pretty flighty, but also a super pig, so it is a toss up whether they’ll run around or stuff their faces.

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