Needles for Everyone 2016

Ah yes, Saturday was the annual coming of the vet (he came much more often last year, but in his role as OBGYN for the Paigey, which he will be reprising this year…more on that later). Tis the season for all the vaccinations, and as with last year, a medical need determined when the vaccinations were to occur.

2016-03-19 08.53.01

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Since Russell dropped significant weight over winter (that his fluffy donkey coat disguised), I went ahead and called the vet out to look at him to see if anything was causing the weight loss. I suspected his teeth since he seemed unable to eat hay like he has previously. I was anticipating the vet floating his teeth, but upon inspection, he determined that Russell had a lost a cap to one of his molars in a slowish manner than had likely kept him from keeping up with hay consumption. He said that Russell’s teeth looked good otherwise, which was nice to hear. He said just to keep graining him regularly to encourage weight gain and we should be good to go.

Since that eliminated my urgent need for the dentist to come visit, I had Dr. H go ahead and check Paige and Copper’s teeth too, you know, since Copper was sedated and all. Figured I’d get some more value for my sedative if his teeth needed to be done. Luckily he determined that neither of them need to be floated either. Yay for lower dental bills this year. Now just to find someone who does chiro to check them out. Any suggestions from people in the area?

2016-03-19 08.19.49

Can’t hold head up. Thankfully there is mounting stool.

So, as you’ve already read, Copper was sedated yet again for his vaccinations this year. Dr. H didn’t see his antics last year as I sedated Copper prior to our working with him. This year Dr. H felt we could get them done without sedation. No such luck. The rear hopping of previous years has gotten milder, and he hardly paid attention to the vet before it was his turn, which gives me great hope for future potential lameness evals. Copper didn’t show his colors until Dr. H was actually attempting to insert the needle. Bravo Copper…we have come so far…All my ladies and Russell stood well for their vaccinations, so Copper is still my token idiot for the vet. We did manage to get a needle in his for his sedation though. Progress?

I asked Dr. H if he thought Paige could be bred from our efforts last year despite the ultrasound saying otherwise (I asked because she’s crazy fat and hasn’t shown heat yet…) and he seemed to think it was highly unlikely. I’ll continue to monitor her cycles to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary, and to determine when we can start the potential breeding process this year. 2016-03-21 18.04.22

More on future breedings another day. 🙂

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