Happy April!

Spring time is upon us! Flowering trees, shedding horses and the return of bugs…so mostly good things, though I could do without the bugs.


Dexter had the snipsnip done on Thursday of last week, so he’s technically not allowed to run and play. As you can imagine, the tiny tornado has been hard to contain the last week. Despite his antics when freed from his x-pen prison, his incision appears to be perfectly healed. He’s very entertaining when he gets the zoomies. Ariel never gets the zoomies, but when Sampson did they were short lived and followed closely by a nice nap. I so miss that lazy pup. Dexter…not so lazy. After his running bursts (which have certainly not happened since his surgery if his vet reads this…) are followed by wrestling matches with his Kong teddy bear (basically a bear stuffed with knotted ropes instead of fluff). Sometimes Teddy (as the bear is affectionately known by all at our house) stirs something within Dexter that further prolongs the zoomies, only this time, he takes Teddy with him, which makes things all the more entertaining. Once the zoomies slow down he tends to settle in on a place in the floor and gnaw on poor Teddy until something shiny distracts him across the room.


When we started thinking about another dog, we immediately wanted another Dane, but I was worried about how Ariel would get along with a dog larger than she is since she seemed intimidated by Sampson (warranted) and Boomer (not really warranted). After seeing her constantly on the defense when Boomer was with us, we, to the surprise of everyone who knows us, considered a small dog. Boomer was the least confrontational of dogs, so the fact that she remained quasi defensive led me to believe it was size related. I’m very pleased to say that Ariel has no real issues with Dexter. Yes, she does growl at him when he gets up in her face when she’s napping and when he tries to take her food, a toy, etc. but who can blame her for that? He has a tendency to be the ignorantly obnoxious puppy sometimes and she is the mother of the house teaching him his manners.


Things on the farm are progressing now as well. Jason and I started a couple of fires in the big field on Tuesday night, which was fun. My role in the endeavor was crumbling paper and going to fetch dinner. 🙂 That’s my kind of manual labor on the farm. The grain is so lush out there, which you can probably tell from the picture below. I don’t anticipate the girls will get to spend much time out there before they all balloon and are put back on diets. I am paranoid about letting Blondie out there as she’s still quasi feral and hard to catch. I have little doubt that I’ll be able to coerce mine into returning to the barn, but she is a different story. I’ve considered holding her and Paige back in the smaller fields, but unlike Paige, Blondie could use the extra grass.


I’ve had a couple good rides on Paige in the last week or so. I’ve been lazy and have not tacked up completely. I’ve been opting for just a bareback pad and a bridle mostly, and am impressed with how my balance has improved in the last year. We mainly stuck to the level area in the field during our last ride since I want to work on our circles/figure 8’s/serpentines some. I really need to measure out a 20 meter circle so I can start practicing those for possible western dressage endeavors. She was a good girl for our ride despite having to trot lots of figures the entire time. I talk to her a lot when I’m riding solo, and told her that she should just be glad we were working on level ground, since typically we’re riding on the side of the hill. She didn’t seem too appreciative of the sentiment.

I also found the first tick of the year on her yesterday when I was scrubbing her face. Ick. I did something new with vaccinations this year and opted to add Lyme to the herd since I noticed so many more ticks last year. edited_1459466866872.jpg

Copper and Russell are still enjoying eating dinner in the barn together in the evenings. It is interesting to me how well they adapt to new routines. Both of the boys come running when they hear my car pull in (burning off all the calories I’m stuffing them with I’m sure) and go to their designated feeding areas once they come in the barn. Russell eats in the second stall and Copper in a ground feeder in the middle of the riding area. Copper always finishes first and is working his way through the loose hay that’s on the ground until Russell is done. I normally water/clean up/ride Paige while they’re eating, then will open the gate to the run in and they walk back out into the field together. If it were a lady donk and a mare, the donk would be snooping in everything in the barn/knocking things over and the mare would be doing everything in her power to avoid being put where I wanted her. And all this is assuming I managed to get them in the barn without their bestie as each mare has another mare they are ridiculously attached to. Oh mares. 🙂

I just realized that it is April Fool’s Day and I have nothing up my sleeve. No fake horse for sale ads or anything. Weird…

3 thoughts on “Happy April!

  1. As you well know I think he is friggin adorable. He sounds a lot like Wynston. He gets the zoomies, and then he gets the zoomies with a toy in his mouth. He rarely sits still for more than a few moments. I don’t think Rockie had this much energy as a young one. It has been pretty intense.

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