Busy Little Weekend

This weekend was a fun one for a variety of reasons, some horsey, some not. How about we talk about the horsey parts?

  • Not technically this weekend, but Wednesday night, A delivered my new horse. Wait-new horse? Yes, I now own an OTTB like (what seems like) the rest of blogland. Basically A decided to give me a broodmare that she hasn’t been using the last few years. Highness raced, then went to New Vocations, then was adopted to be a broodmare at the barn where Copper was born. A few years back they were cutting back on their broodmares and gave A a couple. She’s used the ApHC mare a couple of times, but not the TB mare, so she decided to cut down on her herd and gave her to me. 🙂 I’ll do an introduction post sometime with more details on Highness. 20160428_191744.jpg
  • The Extreme Mustang Makeover will be at the horse center in August. Basically trainers who apply are given a mustang that they then take home, train to the best of their abilities, and bring to the horse center to compete for $$$, then they sell the mustang at auction afterwards. No, I’m not crazy enough to try this, but A is! So on Friday I rode along with A on the beginning of her journey with this mustang. We picked her up in Knoxville, TN. She is a brave little horse, and was very chill when I put my hand in the trailer with her and petted her nose. She just seems to have a lot of common sense about things and isn’t nearly as flighty as I would’ve expected a wild horse to be. As of yesterday, A has been able to braid her tail, groom her, pick up her feet, and she is wearing a surcingle. So she’s making good progress compared to being bitten in the back the first day. 😉

    Oh, wait, there isn’t a river nearby? That was my water supply?


  • Copper is still on stall rest for his stupid leg injury. His chest looks great. His leg is mysterious since I’m subscribing to my vet’s instructions to leave his wrap on as long as possible. Apparently my vet is unaware of how good Copper is at leaving things alone, because we’re still rocking that original bandage like pros. Now that I’ve put this in words-it will be shredded on his stall floor tonight. He’s remaining pretty chill despite being stalled and getting lots of grain. Robin was with him the last week, but I think she was gradually going crazy in confinement, so I put her out with the herd last night and brought Paige in to see when she goes in heat. I’m hoping she’ll wait a couple more days so that maybe Copper’s stitches can come out during one of Doc’s visits for the insemination.

    I would’ve told you that he’s my most intelligent horse until he did this. Dumb, dumb gelding. 


  • As far as herd dynamics go, I’ll be very interested to see how things are once stall rest is over and Copper is out with the herd. Currently it feels like I have horses everywhere, because I kind of do.

    The fact that this is only half of the horses and doesn’t include the donkeys is mind blowing. From left to right: Special, Jethro, Cartier, Paige, Rumor, Star. Not pictured: Robin, Highness, Copper, Blondie, Kricket, Emma, Chloe, and Russell. 


  • The farrier is coming tonight and I’m sure will either love me or hate me? I have 7 horses and 3 donkeys getting trimmed. Chloe is super lame from breaking off some toe…somehow? Crazy donks. So she’ll be a pain in the butt to trim tonight, but hopefully he’ll forgive me since he’ll be making big bucks on us tonight (compared to when it is just my guys and he only trims 2-3 per visit at the most ).

Non horsey things this weekend included pressure washing our house! So much fun. Jason and I may have gotten into a water fight at the end of it, but it was warm out, so we enjoyed it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Busy Little Weekend

  1. Goodness, you have quite a few more than I realized! Hopefully Cooper is a good boy, and Paige cooperates so that you can kill two birds with one vet visit.

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